Carnivore Dreams – Make a schedule

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I have an even older unit at my camp, sitting on my desk.

Writing, yes.

One New Years Resolution I had was to make a new writing/exercise/yoga schedule.  Since I walk the dog and eat carnivore, (and you don’t need nearly as much exercise if you are carnivore to achieve muscle), I will add in two full body workouts and two-three yoga sessions/week.  I often need to adjust those days at the beginning of every week due to my dad’s doctor appointments.  This week, full body Tuesday and Thursday.  Yoga Friday or Sat. this week.  End of week schedule.

I find I need a mental break on Fridays and Sundays, so if I feel like a leisurely longer walk with the dog, I’ll do it, but otherwise, off.

I am working on cookbooks and revision of my fantasy novel most afternoons and sometimes I do research for the cookbook in the evenings.  I am figuring in 3-4 hours total.  Max.  The good news is that research and recipe planning feels like loafing around!  I get to find food sources for things like duck legs and duck fat, and leaf lard, frog legs, oysters, wild game and more.

Evenings I read for a while and if I need to totally veg later, Andy Griffith or Cheers on Netflix (they took Frasier off).  I have saved a number of movies on time travel type stuff I need to watch soon for my fantasy novel revision, but so far, I’ve not started watching.

Any appointment day usually precludes much productive.  There’s one tomorrow if the snow doesn’t preclude me taking Dad out.

But I’m fine tuning this schedule–New Year’s Resolution–and remember, I just adjust if things don’t work out!

I’m reading Jim Harrison’s A Really Big Lunch, even though I’ve read it before–it’s a good book to get me into the cookbook mood.  Reading for the winter also includes When French Women Cook, a food memoir by famous french cook Madeleine Kamman, and lastly, I’m reading my buddy John Gubbins’ The American Fly Fishing Experience–fictionalized account of the father of fly fishing — Theodore Gordon.   All great winter reading.  I have some Pam Houston on my kindle if I blow through that.

Jim Harrison can annoy you, but fascinate you.

I’m planning an adaptation of a Epicurious recipe for Duck Confit for the Carnivore cookbook.  This is not something you eat every day unless you use turkey legs.  I need to tweak things and adapt from it, possibly substitute turkey down the road, but Duck Confit is already pretty much carnivore.  I ordered special spices and duck fat and duck legs and a fat/candy thermometer today.  This takes two days before you cook it for four hours and then up to three months to sit in the fat before you brown it.  Exciting stuff!  Now this is COOKING!

Dreams:  I dreamed about my best friend Cindy.  It went on for a while that I can’t remember, but she sort of climbed into my lap like a small child–no doubt because she IS small. She weighs about 90 lbs. and is 4’11” tall.  I can’t remember the rest of the dream at all, but it didn’t seem like she was in need of comforting, she was laughing, but perhaps she is in need.  She is going through a lot of health challenges right now and is on my mind.  Go to the doctor, Cindy.

How are your dreams?  New Year’s Resolutions?  Carnivore/keto diet?  How goes it all?

Happy Tuesday.

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