Carnivore Dreams – Medicare??

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I can’t believe I am picking a Medicare Supplement deal but I am.  My birthday is in March and now I am officially OLD.  I think this also means I can get paid by Medicaid and our apartments and not have to get penalized by SS for making too much money.

So ok, I can deal with this, BUT I spent two hours on the phone trying to get back into MyChoice SS or whatever it is because they said I didn’t know my own security questions.  Had to cancel it and resign up.  Then I spent another hour or so (so far) trying to get all the information to the folks for my income based repayment of my school loans.  AND I spent a while trying to straighten out the hours Medicaid is paying me to help Dad — things messed up there.  AND trying to set up care for him for the days I’ll be gone in Feb. and March.   Odds and ends with elder law attorney.  AND setting up people to store our 5th wheel in Florida.  Not to mention rescheduling appointments for all of us.  We have some capital gains to deal with this year and a dispute with the IRS from last year (after we paid $12K in taxes already), so we are setting up an appointment with an accountant for the first time ever.  We just finished qualifying Dad for medicaid, so dealing with the government has become my full time job, it seems.

This is not a fun thing.  Between doing this and having to deal with cable TV providers, cell phone providers, computer issues (none of which ever work), and more technological disasters, our lives are spent on the phone talking to robot people or whatever you call automated disasters.  I was able to get a person to call me back from SS after 40 minutes who was actually helpful and saved me a trip down to the SS office.  But this is unusual.  It did, however, cut into my writing time for the day and exercise time.  I will do a half hour  yoga meditation instead after I get my chicken roasting.

Yesterday I organized the house–or close.  I highly recommend simplifying, weeding out.  It can give you the illusion of SOME control in your life and the absence of clutter is calming to the mind.  I had piles of government paperwork everywhere and leftover holiday clutter and got through most of that–enough to have our twice-monthly house cleaner help me finish it up.  Outside clutter can often equate to clutter of the mind, so whatever you can do to alleviate it is helpful.

Because obviously, we have little control over much of the chaos in our lives (as represented by some of the above).

I needed counter space desperately.  My duck legs should be arriving for me to test out my Duck Confit recipe for my carnivore cook book.  I’ll have to marinate it in fresh garlic salt for two days, cook it slow in duck fat for over four hours, then store it in this fat for up to three months–I will probably pick a week or two.  Then you brown it on the stove top.  I once had a turkey confit in Marquette that was incredible so I am anxious to try this.

I ordered kitchen paraphernalia to test other recipes and between this and my revision of the woodfire cookbook and my revision of my fantasy novel, I’ll keep directed this winter.

Diet:  I’ve been doing well.   Better. No wine, less dairy.  I had a couple chicken thighs for lunch/brunch today and will have roast chicken for dinner.   Tomorrow just those nice New York strips and some shrimp, an egg or two, bacon maybe, that great French dark roast new Guinea.  I need to lose that holiday five pounds.  (I have to say, though, that I didn’t eat nearly as poorly–just a lot of dairy and probably extra sources of fat–not all that many carbs.)  So I feel like I’ve gained more muscle than fat.

I WILL have a little wine just when I’m out for the occasional dinner, but otherwise, sparkling water, coffee, plain water.

I did a very  hard workout Saturday and feel it isn’t time to do it again–muscles still in repair.

Dreams:  I have been trying dream incubation and my mother appears more and more often.  I feel this is some success at lucid dreaming.  However,  I haven’t been able to get her to stay to ask her my pressing questions, but I make headway.  Last night she was there, but a long way away from me.  She was standing up on a stage giving some sort of presentation.  She looked middle-aged, younger than when she died, and elegant in a long flowing sort of Hawaiian sort of dress or jacket or moo moo.  It was some sort of small print and a purplish blue mostly.  Silky.  She looked very professional and elegant.  And beautiful.  But remote.  I couldn’t hear what she was saying.  Of course.  No shrink needed to interpret that. I was driving around in much more of the dream and it was long, but I can’t remember it.

I had a headache (likely from cleaning all the dust out of a couple closets) and didn’t sleep well enough.

Dreams?  How do you deal with life in this age of technology?  I resent it wholeheartedly.  It’s taken the peace out of our lives.

But try yoga.  Happy Monday!!

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