Carnivore Dreams – Protein/Fat?


I was just reading the Carnivore for Beginners Facebook page and there was a guy on there saying his mistake was he wasn’t getting enough protein.  Conventional medicine advises low fat but pretty low/moderate protein as well.  Many of the Keto and alternative guys also advise low/moderate protein but high fat, low carbs.  Mark Sisson seems to advocate more protein.

I can only go by my experimentation with my own diet, but my protein levels were just too low to feel good and keep muscle.  (Or BTW, to LOOK good.  Often in my life I’d be very thin and unhealthy looking, skin sallow, big circle–no carnivores look this way–they look FIT).  This guy is eating 200 grams a day and looks like a body builder.  As a woman, I shoot for 100-120 grams, much higher than they all suggest.  I am lucky to hit that since my levels fall more between 80-100 grams.  I instead shoot for moderate fat.  I don’t watch it closely, eat rib-eyes and chicken skin, but I don’t add butter to my coffee and just a bit to my steaks now and then. You will  lose more weight and build more muscle with higher protein levels and feel much better.  That fat/protein balance is something I’m still playing with.

I definitely gained weight drinking bulletproof coffee, even on just a tablespoon, but can have some heavy cream and a BIT of herb butter on a steak now and then.

One caveat:  I am certain a Carnivore Diet and moderately high protein levels are the thing to do for cardiovascular health because I’ve been watching my artery scans and all my other health numbers closely.  (This is superior protein–grassfed and pastured meat and liver.)

However, cancer is another story.  Protein raises HGH and precipitates the MTOR pathway (needed to build muscle) but there is also a correlation between that and cancer. Autophagy repairs cells and stops this, however, (initiates another pathway that escapes me at the moment–oh yes, AMPK pathway) so at least intermittent fasting and exercise is important if you eat high levels of protein.  Confine eating to a six hour window maybe.  I don’t always do this, but I do usually fast every 1/2 weeks– one day,  which ends up being about 30 hours plus.

Diet today:  Mmm, New York Strip and maybe a bit of herb butter.  Some smoked fish or sardines, I think.  Heavy cream.  Skipping breakfast today.  Cutting back on dairy until I lose my holiday poundage.

Dreams:  Very strange.  You can see I’m a carnivore now.  I dreamed I moved into a new neighborhood and instead of borrowing a cup of sugar this guy suggested I ask the new neighbors for a couple rib-eyes.  Then I dreamed this young girl was stuck on this sandbar/river with her arms stuck in the sand.  Apparently either the current in the river was too strong or something because she told them NOT to just pull her arms free, which they did anyway and she was swept off to her death.  They never listen.  Then I dreamed there was some problem with my eyes.  The doctor said they had to bring me in and I was not allowed to drive, so it seemed either my dad or daughter maybe was going to drive.  In Dad’s case, this would really be the blind leading the blind.  All these seem to have big psychological significance, especially the last.  Well, in the first dream I might just have been hungry, who knows.

Dad lost his balance this morning and when I got there was propped with his upper back on the bed, he  had hold of the headboard and his butt was almost on the floor.  I got a little stool under his butt then was able to pull him up from the front with enough leverage.  I need to get one of those belts and learn how to use it.  Sometimes I have to call the neighbors in.

Happy Tuesday.  We are off in the snowy north to get Dad’s hair cut today.

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