Carnivore Dreams – Benefits of Carnivore Reported by Most



shallow focus photo of two brown lions
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The Lion Diet — well, technically those carnivores who claim to eat the Lion Diet, eat only steak and water and salt.  They say.  I eat all meat, seafood, dairy, and occasionally a bit of wine.  I drink coffee.

People who go on Carnivore are interesting because the benefits they claim are so consistent.  Some of them are kind of specific, so I am pretty sure, when I see the claims by nearly everyone, that it is diet related.

Most people lose weight.  A few gain and I’m sure it’s muscle related.  Most people’s health numbers, particularly in the are of diabetes improve.  A few get higher cholesterol.    Most say they are less constipated, a few say they are constipated, a very few say that, a few get diarrhea at first.  Most say they have more energy.

But there are some that I see almost universally and that’s interesting.  Or I see them repeated so often it seems universal.

  1.  No bloating.  Better digestion.  Quieter system overall.
  2.  More muscle.
  3. All claim they have different body composition than ever before–not just thin.  They have a different body and face shape.
  4. Better skin quality.
  5. No food cravings after a week or two.  None.
  6. **Better mood — in fact many claim they are cured from mental illness, but nearly all of them– diagnosed with severe mental illness or not– say they feel calm for the first time, and that their depression lifts.
  7. ***This is an interesting one I see repeatedly:  Usually better sleep, but something specific to it:  They say they need a little less sleep but wake up less groggy, more rested.

Before I went on this diet, I woke up every single day with a kind of  unexplained feeling of dread and doom that had nothing to do with circumstances and persisted regardless.  It would usually pass over the morning. But now, like most of the carnivore folks, I need a little less sleep. I’d say 6-7, rather than 8 or 9, and I’m not out of it until noon.  No hungover feeling.  No feeling of dread.

Next fiction installment on separate posting.

Happy Thursday.  I get a lady’s night on the town with a friend here in town where I plan on having oysters, steak, and possibly a glass of wine even.


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