Carnivore Dreams – Cookbook Feedback

close up photo of man cooking meat
IPhoto by Min An on

I’m a literary writer so I’m used to working with university presses.  However, for my woodfire cookbook which is largely written and my carnivore cookbook, I am going to self publish since nobody can live long enough these days to find a commercial agent or publisher and self publishing is working great for people with nonfiction these days.

I am going to have lots of photos since my daughter Hilary is a photographer.  But not just pictures of food, pictures of the camp and “mood” photos of all of us “chef-ing.” So that’s a given.

But give me some feedback:

Would you just like to see recipes only or would you also like to see personal stories and information about the carnivore diet?

Do you like hardcover cookbooks, e-cookbooks, paperback??

If you eat carnivore are you open to some optional ketogenic ingredients?

Would you pay $30 for a cookbook if it were beautiful and easier to follow?

Weekend Menu:  I’ll be cooking my duck legs four hours tomorrow before storing them in duck fat for a few weeks or months, not sure.  Looking forward to the process.  Racks of lamb Sat., Thai food for most folks during the football games though I may fast that day.  Mostly I’m looking forward to my dark brew New Guinea coffee in front of the fireplace.  It is going to snow us in starting soon.

Dream:  Dreamed I dropped a whole bottle of Ibuprofen on the floor by my bed and my dog ate them.  (Glad it was a dream.)

Happy Weekend!  Stay warm


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