Carnivore Dreams -Follow up Folks on Carnivore

Recipe Testing1

Made with pork rinds, eggs, touch of salt, and cheese of your choice–I usually use cheddar.  Totally carnivore.

Keto Endurance website (I’ll post a link to him tomorrow), posts follow up interviews with folks who have been carnivore to see how they are doing in a year at least, or two.  It’s fascinating to see how most of them have relaxed it slightly.  They eat a bit of keto now and then.  But the key is to introduce things slowly and carefully and (I think) to do mostly carnivore most of the time.  This latest girl on his website eats some keto things with family or holidays, some dark chocolate (I eat some veggies from my garden in summer–I don’t feel as good, really, but I love them).

One of the things I add in during the holidays is monkfruit sweetener so I can have crustless cheesecake or home made ice cream.  I might put a touch of honey (not a plant) on these waffles, though I’ve found that it really is pretty nice with a dollop or sour cream or whipped heavy cream–both add some nice sweetness to it.

But regardless of what the purists say–and most of them haven’t been on carnivore a whole year — it’s inevitable you will eat something not carnivore off and on.  The question is how do you do it.  And there are lots of ways to do it without going full veggie.  Or even off keto.  Most folks drink coffee or a little wine or hard liquor on occasion.  Things like that.

Once you’ve been on carnivore a few months or longer, it’s easy to test other foods.  Carnivore is a true elimination diet so if things bother you, it’s pretty clear what they are.  And it’s important to find a diet you can sustain–if you can’t, it doesn’t work.  (Thus my soon to come out (late summer) Dirty Carnivore Cookbook.

I’m off to take my dad to the cardio doctor today, never fun.

Happy Wednesday, folks.  Talk to me.  I love input on diet, dreams, writing, you name it.

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