Carnivore Dreams – Body Type

Body Type

This is the link to body type from Women’s Health.

This just showed up in my inbox yesterday and I’d say it’s about time.  Not that I feel the article addressed the issues all properly.  For instance, they don’t say that if you do 23 and Me you will find out there are actually three muscle types in humans.  They admit that this hasn’t been studied enough, but good for them for investigating the possibility.

No one diet fits all, I would bet this is the case, though I tend to believe the majority of people would do better on keto or carnivore.  That’s just a hunch.  Fewer would do well on a vegan diet but I think that’s mostly my feeling we didn’t evolve that way.  Our ancestors wouldn’t have gotten produce except in summer in northern climes anyway and there wasn’t much in the jungle, either, and still isn’t.

I’ll also post an article by a fellow blogger who is an athletic coach about the politics of food. Click here.

One caveat on coach’s article–I think socialism is as big a threat to our sovereignty and nutritional freedom as corporation or certainly capitalism, but it IS true that companies like Monsanto are threatening that.  It’s more complicated than this.  Even if Marx’s warning that corporation and profit should not control what we eat (and I agree with this), neither should mis-placed environmental hysteria or income redistribution.  In fact small farms are small businesses and should be encouraged to flourish.

So the point is that environmental politics are likely irrelevant to a choice of diet and nutrition other than the obvious:  pesticides and herbicides and GMO foods are hurting both the environment and humans.  But to choose a diet based on animal rights or greenhouse gases is idealistic and illogical.  They are separate issues.  To conflate the three as the left is trying to do is likely criminal.

So back to body type.  My basic body type (if slightly too much weight) is a Mesomorph.  What they don’t say is what type of muscle fibers a Mesomorph has.  And they admit much more study needs to go into how this affects a person’s choice of diet.  Yet they have some basic guesses.  Some types may need lower fat, some more protein, etc.  Or they suspect that might come from more study.

But I’m happy there seems a move away from the archaic food pyramid guidelines and/or this push toward a plant-based diet, if only by a few independent thinkers.  More as I research all this.

I am working on the memoir, exercising, hosing down, and then heading to dinner with a friend from town–my girls’ night out–though Josh will tag along.  It’s snowing lightly so I’ll salt good as Dad wants to go to the casino tomorrow.

Happy Thursday–tomorrow a few words on a food memoir from some folks in the Upper Peninsula.




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