Carnivore Dreams – Duck Confit Recipe test

Duck Confit1

Comments on the experiment in case you have a hankering for duck:

1.  I needed more herbs and less salt.  I have a new spice mixture in mind.

2.  Next time I will only cure the legs 24 hours instead of 48.  Also to cut back on saltiness.

3.  Always rinse the legs thoroughly and pat dry.  Also for saltiness.  (Do not believe them if they tell you to wipe salt off with a paper towel.)

4.  They may need longer than four hours total to braise–Falling off the bone is what you want.  I am going to try them in the oven instead of stove top next time.

5. Be sure and put boiling water in storage crock or pan before storing.

6.  I will store them at least a month this time.  I wanted to try them after a week to see if I needed to correct things and I did.  So on to experiment second try.

7.  To reheat and crisp skin–I think the broiler was OK, but since I didn’t have them quite cooked tender enough, I also had a bit too much fat left under the skin.  But doing them longer in a hot 400 degree oven is something I might consider.


They come today to replace my windshield, and I have another cold so likely the two will interrupt my exercise and writing day.  I had my dad at three doctors this last week and I’ve resolved to get hand sanitizer since I’m the one opening doors. No good if I keep him from touching them if I get sick and give the crud to him anyway.  I always use the wipes at the stores, but it appears I need to adjust more.

So tomorrow will be leftover soup and sandwiches for those guys and maybe just some eggs and bacon or something for me.  Leftover chicken.

This week I’ll post some writing of mine or of my favorite writers.  Maybe some Einstein/Jung.  Some dreamscapes.

Happy Monday, folks.

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