Carnivore Dreams – Chicken Adobo

Chicken adobo

Browned chicken in slow cooker.  Will post picture tomorrow after it cooks six hours.  If I remember.  Will do my best.  Just a bit of soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper corns, bay leaves, garlic and salt and pepper on.  I will likely baste in the sauce along the way.  I’ll serve it with some wild rice for those guys and a Waldorf salad.

We have colds here and I’m tired.  I’m off to run to the pharmacy, store, and post office soon and that will be it for the day.

This caronavirus sounds pretty ominous.  The Chinese are building a hospital from the ground up they plan to have open in ONE WEEK?  How is that possible and the fact that it might be is disturbing on many levels.  The CDC was on talking today and they seemed more alarmed than usual.  It might be nothing but I’d recommend avoiding crowds and taking precautions until we see what is shaking here.

Happy Tuesday.  How goes the struggle?


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