Carnivore Dreams – Seasonal Plants and Oxalate Toxicity

According to Sally Norton, an Australian plant biologist and expert, there is such a thing as seasonal oxalate plant toxicity since we likely did not eat these plants year round.  Conventional medicine has long known many people develop oxalate kidney stones, so there has been some reference to this already. Click hyperlink for whole article.   Sally Norton says:

Worse still,many foods with the highest oxalate content have risen to the noble status of “superfoods”, including: spinach, almonds (and most nuts), beets and swiss chard, blackberries81,82, potatoes and sweet potatoes, tea, chocolate, cinnamon, and turmeric83(see Table 1). These items are increasingly available and celebrated as healthy ingredients, even in processed and convenience packaged foods. These high-oxalate foods are now promoted through a global food system in which seasons and even seasonal pricing have been erased in the retail marketplace

So I definitely feel better without plants and I presume this is part of the reason along with lectins and gluten and other things people have problems with.  In actuality, people have a lot more problems with plants (allergies and other problems) than they do on a carnivore diet.  With the possible exception of eggs for some people.  Dairy for others.  Very few people have problems with meat.

The symptoms of this toxicity are basic inflammation and overall unwellness–those vague hard to pin down symptoms.  Kidney stones and worse are possible when it’s more acute.  More on all this soon.

Luckily, coffee and wine are not offenders.  And I don’t eat any of the above, though my son Josh eats a lot of potatoes.  I see wild rice is very low so will substitute this most days/week.

Here is a chart of oxalate content for your reference:

Happy Wednesday.  We are still under the weather here, so nothing too profound.

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