Carnivore Dreams – Jungian Thoughts

Jung -Dreams

Nice picture, eh?  But no doubt Carl thought our dream life contributed more to our “realities” than mere psychological titillation or curiosity.  We in modern western society view our dreams as some sort of  illumination as to our psychological and emotional states.  Jung, along with his theory of synchronicity, felt it was more than that.  Though I’m not sure he viewed dreams as many indigenous societies had/have that it was/is every bit as much part of our reality as our daytime experience.  And to be viewed as such.

Of course, we know dreams can be prophetic and more, whether we view this as some sort of aberration or otherwise–we know that this has in fact happened.  And perhaps when you combine our dream realities with Einstein’s theories of time and relativity and with parallel universes (which his theories open the door to), it becomes even more interesting.

At least to think about.

Perhaps those who seem to “know the future” are just more in tune with the way the universe wags, more in tune with the past/present/future and our perceptions of time.  And this makes our dream life not only fascinating but pressingly relevant to our perceived daytime “realities.”  And I maintain that much of what people think is “paranormal weird” is really more scientific in its revealing of itself.  That the two are inextricably linked.  And even Freud who denied this early on, claimed an intense interest in this as an old man–after he and Jung had essentially dissolved their association over the issue.

More on this this week.

Happy Thursday.  My next round of ducks arrived today.  I will cure them tomorrow with much less salt and more herbs for a shorter period of time, rinse them carefully and then braise them–perhaps not until first of the week.  I will do some keto chili for the Superbowl–a bit of a cheat for me.  And some chicken wings in the air fryer.  But not sure what to make for Saturday. I need something easy–perhaps some ribs and cole slaw for those folks.

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