Carnivore Dreams – Conspiracy Theory Part 2 – Coronavirus and Dogs?

Sweet Maggie Mae -- my English Shepherd doggie.  Collie family. Ok, now I'm really worried.  So there were rumors the Chinese were killing dogs and cats a while back.  Big headline right now -- a dog tested positive in Hong Kong with NO symptoms. So think of this.  A virus undetectable and doesn't make animals … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Conspiracy Theory Part 2 – Coronavirus and Dogs?

Carnivore Dreams – Supplement Observation

I have been having trouble feeling as well as I once did on carnivore--of course, I'm cheating on my diet and stressed to the max.  I might be doing fabulously under the circumstances. However, I had added back in some supplements--vitamin D, K-2, occasional calcium, occasional astaxanthin, berberine, homocysteine.  Since my stomach had been acting … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Supplement Observation

Carnivore Dreams – Woodfire Notes

  In the Introduction to my Larousse Gastronomique (which professes itself “the World’s Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia”), it refers to the history of gastronomy as “the story of those who took part in its evolution and [who are] responsible for establishing what is, in effect, one of the cornerstones of civilization.  Gastronomy reflects society, and studying … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Woodfire Notes