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With this Coronavirus on the rise, health and nutrition are certainly in the forefront.  And this time of year, with the flu virus rampant and everyone hanging indoors, it seems important to use extra caution.

I have had three bacterial infections this winter, one of them strep–much more than usual–most likely because I’m in doctor’s offices and/or hospitals constantly with my father and son.  One worries about MRSA and more. To combat this, I bought some hand sanitizer and will use it every time I use a public door or restroom and any time I am in a crowded situation.  With my father’s precarious health I’m inclined to avoid busy places (he still likes the casino) until we see how this coronavirus behaves here in the U.S.  My son with Downs has a very low immunity and so does my father, so it is of more concern.

Last winter I seemed to have extra immunity, very few illnesses.  But then I wasn’t caring for my father last winter–not until spring.  I attributed my better health under normal circumstances to my carnivore/keto diet (and since I’ve been ill here three times, I have not been as good on my diet–a complicating circumstance.  I’ve been exhausted and my will power has been flagging–a chicken-egg thing.)  I have just taken another antibiotic and I think it is working, so will have to address all these situations.

I have also been very stressed emotionally–falling/choking/passing out episodes for my father–another last night–where I have to call paramedics and heimlach him, etc.  Stress also drags down the immune system.

I recommend you increase vitamin D and vitamin C especially if you live in northern climates.  I’ve just recently increased my vitamin D to 10,000 iu/day for now and a big dose of C as well.  Exercise helps increase immune response (unless you are already quite sick and then you don’t want to over-stress your system.)

Be careful in cosmopolitan areas especially but take care in all public situations until we know how this virus is going to behave.  While possibly not quite as deadly as even the flu, it appears to be much more contagious–even killing some people without them ever running a fever.  Which leads me to think they might have under-estimated how sick they were.

Happy Saturday.  It’s ribs today, keto chili tomorrow for Superbowl.  Lots of good dark brew coffee, some bacon and carnivore waffles.  All good.  Go Kansas City!  (Though i like 49ers having lived in CA four years).

More soon on my dream life…


4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Immunity

  1. I feel you. My son, 22, had mono when he was 15, and he never felt like he fully recovered. After a grueling holiday work schedule this year (he works retail), he fell ill with a fever on Christmas Eve that wouldn’t go away. Turns out, he had mono again, only this time, it was “double mono”: he has acute EBV and CMV infections, and they FLATTENED him. He’s been off work a month, doesn’t feel well enough to see friends, and is still so weak and fatigued that he can barely drag himself around the block. It was also discovered that he has an underlying autoimmune disorder of some sort, which is what made him so susceptible to the viruses.

    Having lived with a chronically ill father since he was 8, he knows what might be in store. He is very motivated to do what he can to avoid that fate.

    What a world we live in.

    Stay well.

    1. p.s. My son is 31 and is recovering from testicular cancer as well, so with my son with Downs and my dad being 88 with Parkinson’s and COPD and heart disease, we have to be VERY careful around here!

  2. Oh my, my thoughts and prayers are with you! I don’t usually recommend my weird carnivore diet to anyone and I’m not doing it even now BUT it seems people with autoimmune problems in particular (I have Hashimotos) or people with arthritis, lyme disease, etc. seem to respond amazingly well to it. If nothing else works, maybe just a try for a month. I think you at least have to like meat, though, and heaven only knows if it’s right for everyone. But at any rate, I sure hope he gets feeling better soon! I’m sure you’re being very careful! I’ll keep that good thought!

    1. Thank you for your good thoughts…Lord knows, your plate is full enough as it is.

      I suffer from lupus (what’s with all the autoimmune disorders??), and I’ve been toying with the idea of an elimination diet, starting with beef and salt. I have a weakness for Basmati rice and would happily eat that alone. I’m definitely not anti-meat, but I can take it or leave it. Perhaps my son and I could give it a go together.

      As I’ve said, love your blog. Cheers!

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