Carnivore Dreams -Immunity Part 2

laboratory test tubes
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I woke early this morning precisely when I had my best shot at sleeping in.  Many people, including much of my family–think that I worry too much, am too paranoid.  Maybe that’s true.  But I am the care-giver for people with compromised immune systems and even I have had more infections than usual this winter–all bacterial so far.

But I am terrified, since we have been under the weather already, of my sons especially getting the coronavirus, even though it appears so far the flu might be more deadly.  I worry, too, about my father who is 88 and has COPD already of course, but my son is only 36 and has Down Syndrome and doesn’t have a normal immune system.  My other son had testicular cancer and is being carefully monitored.  My daughter gets a lot of illnesses since she has three-year old and she’s a band teacher.  But her health has been good.

I am a person who has always been pro-active–I take precautions and THEN try not to worry. But in this case, I’m not sure what to do.  My inclination is to keep everyone isolated but people visit, there are doctor appointments, I do grocery shopping.  I’ve bought hand sanitizer and resolved to be more careful about doors in medical buildings and hospitals and restrooms, but who knows if this will be enough.

I’m a mixed philosopher so I am not one to just leave things to fate–having been persuaded in a philosophy class many years ago that while there is causation for most everything, the human will is part of that:

For instance, if a boat goes down at sea and two people are adrift without life jackets or boats this might happen:  one is a fatalist and believes that whatever happens is going to happen no matter what, so he doesn’t swim and drowns; the other person believes in free will and treads water until he is rescued.  Ok, there are causal reasons why each believes the way he does and causal reasons why there is a rescue at all, BUT the simple belief that we can change circumstances, does in fact, change them.  Or seems to … so I keep treading water.

So who knows if my staying away from crowds, using more care with germs, might in fact save Josh’s or John’s or my dad’s life.  At least I’ll know I tried.

This virus is scarier for two reasons:  we don’t know enough about it yet and it’s more contagious than the flu (if not more deadly) or SCARS or MERS and a longer incubation period.  A couple people died without having fevers.  (And I don’t run them ever anyway).

So I am starting to gather frozen and canned veggies.  I have a food order coming from Butcherbox this week and a freezer large enough to order another order immediately and I might.  I may tell my dad no more casino any time soon which would be very sad since it’s the only recreation he has besides television and the casino won’t be for much longer.  I may postpone some doctor visits.  And no events with crowds for a while until we get more information on this thing.

My great uncle died in Northern Michigan Asylum (he had been committed there for alcoholism) in 1918 I think it was–the year the flu wiped out something like 50 million+ people worldwide.  My uncle was in his 50’s which ironically was the age group that fared BEST.  It was an unusual flu in that it had a component which caused a cytokine storm which ravished people with stronger immune systems.  So people between 40-60 fared the best.

We don’t know yet who will be most affected and why this virus is doing what it’s doing.  There are rumors it started at a “live market” in Wuhan where idiots were eating bats?, but there are also rumors there is a biology lab in Wuhan and this was some sort of mistake as they were developing biological warfare–a chilling thought indeed.

The man who just died in the Phillipines was 40 years old.

What are your thoughts?

Happy Sunday, eh?  After this uplifting post?  GO KANSAS CITY (though again, I lived in California four years, so am not against 49ers)  I’m about to get a good keto chili going in the slow cooker.

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