Carnivore Dreams — Break

I’ve always been someone who has been able to re-invent herself–reorient herself–even in fairly trying times.  I’m struggling to do that right now.  I’ll be back when I’ve righted the ship.

I’m on your side.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams — Break

  1. Bless us: I’m struggling mightily myself. I’ll make it (I always do), but it never fails to leave a mark.

    See you on the other side.

    PS: I saw your request on my WP account, and though I have two (2!) followers (one is dead, come to think of it), I have no blog to share, so I spared you. 😉

  2. Hm, too bad on your other follower! WP says you have a blog for some reason, but no reason you can’t read and follow others without having one! I was thinking i had seen one before. I’m sorry you are struggling. We will come out of it. I haven’t lost faith–just depleted emotionally. Eventually, we’ll get there. Have a lovely weekend and keep that good thought. L

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