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I should start by telling you that I never post political stuff on my Facebook site because it is not personal like a blog post.  And people do not post in depth carefully thought out positions.  And they are not truly trying to persuade folks, but instead poke them in the chest.  Facebook should be for pictures of your kids and to keep folks up to date, not to drop off political and religious f-bombs.
But a blog is something personal where people talk to people one on one in conversations and where they expect to engage with folks who have other opinions. And so far, it seems to happen with respect.  So this post will not get posted on Facebook at all, even though I think it’s different than the usual political post.  I follow bloggers with diverse political views because they have things to offer–I’ve always thought we all contribute to the balance of a productive society.  But I confess I’m truly worried for the first time.
My son claims Bernie Sanders doesn’t frighten him–which terrifies ME.  Not that the other Democrats are that far from him now.  They aren’t.  Bernie has pushed the entire Democratic party so far left JFK would have been horrified.  “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  Right.  Where are these folks?
Progressives.  Only Klobuchar raised her hand when asked if it scares them to have a socialist run this country.  And if you look at her policies, I’m not sure why she did.  Or any of them. Take a look at their platforms when you get a minute.  The biggest difference is that he claims to be a socialist and they deny it.
Granted, some of us –including my son and I– might be the beneficiary of forgiven school loans, but if he does all the things he says he wants to do (and the rest are nearly as bad) our tax rate will be 70% like in Sweden.  (Apple pays ZERO corporate tax there, by the way, way less than OUR corporations pay here now — and Trump lowered them so we’ve had job creation) — and anyway is it right to make the middle class pay for our debts?  Many of them do not owe anything but they always pay the freight.
Medicare for all?  They mean single payer health care.  And you want the government to have full control over that?  You have such faith in them to control your very existence?  Open borders? Healthcare for illegals? You have such faith in a bloated expanded government?  What about a truly evil person who comes to power in the future?  You want unions to have no power?  They claim they will no longer be needed?  Business to have no power?  Only government?  You truly do believe in the Easter Bunny.
Bernie wouldn’t pay his 50% taxes on his money.  Why not?  Nobody stopped him.  Why didn’t he just kick that in?  He’s a millionaire all because he lives in this country.
Income redistribution–take away the money from those who were smart enough and hard working enough to make it and give it to people who “need” it?  Many do NOT “need” it.  And those that do, who are sick or handicapped, etc. have disability and Medicaid as they should.  And we should continue to help folks born with less advantages get extra help–charter schools and more.  There is always  more work to be done.  We do better all the time.
The progressives want open borders so that they can promise and manipulate people who want all this free stuff so conservatives can never again win an election?
Oh, and diseases?  Let’s just let everybody flood in here unchecked and see how that works out on that front.
Get rid of the electoral college so only the coasts matter?  One point of view and one interest for the whole country?  Just liberal city dwellers?  Our forefathers were afraid of the easily manipulated and under-informed and uneducated masses (not that this makes them bad people, simply uninformed) which is why we are a Republic and not a Democracy.  As the left loves to call us.  We are a Democratic REPUBLIC.
A top wage per year people can earn?
Right now, we have to pay so much in capital gains tax that our rental houses were a waste of our time over 30 years.  All so this idiot government can waste it.  What will be the incentive for doctors to go to med school?  Or people to get through law school?
Why don’t we all quit working and get in line?  I am starting to feel it’s not worth it as it is.  The progressive left might sound great if you are destitute in America, but I can’t help but think they’d rather have a JOB than a handout.  But the people and companies with big money will just leave the country as they did before, do business over there, and it’s the middle class who will pay the freight.  Again.
Until they stop paying.  And they will.  Eventually.
Socialism has not worked anywhere.  Look at Venezuela.  Sweden is not really socialist, maybe Denmark.  How big is Denmark?  A lot of government systems might work for a while in tiny places.  Look at the Soviet Union, China.  Not much difference between communism and socialism.  Bernie once advocated the government to own the means of production.
Our forefathers were the most brilliant men to ever happen to come together at one time in one place in history.  Bernie wants to change all that and if you think BERNIE is smarter than they were, I think you should think again.   They were brilliant men–inventors.  It’s shocking they were all in that one place at one time in history.  Bernie wants a revolution and to “transform” this country.  He means it when he says it. We had a revolution once and this country has done better than ANY other for 250 years.  Capitalism isn’t perfect, but it’s the BEST system there is. We should stick with it and continue to improve it.
Not to mention late term abortion–murdering full term babies when there are people ready and waiting to adopt even handicapped children.  We wouldn’t do that to a dog.
If you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, I highly recommend you read it.  It should be required reading for all high school and college students.  I am a retired adjunct professor and my views were not the norm for the English Dept., trust me, but those in it had not once been in the private sector, owned their own businesses, provided jobs for others as we have done.  So I am not sure they are as qualified as I am to judge.  Most of them.  They live in idealistic bubbles.
Health care is a “right?”  Have they had employees and provided it for others when they couldn’t afford to pay for it for themselves?  Do they have any idea of the cost of doing business?  No, they have no idea. And let me just remind you, that ALL revenue comes from the private sector–they are the ONLY producers.  Government, teachers, all ride on their backs.  They take the risk, put up the capital, provide the jobs, and for that they get bad mouthed.  Business is a dirty word now.  But for the most part, they’ve provided the best standard of living of anywhere in the world.
You have to have somebody to tax.  They are killing the golden goose.
So we should tear it down, right?  Why?  Because half the country dislikes Donald Trump’s personality? He’s not a politician.  He’s a businessman who believes in America.  That’s all.  He makes mistakes, but he’s not stupid enough to make the one these people want to make.  These Democrats actually believe he is an existential threat to the world when it’s THEY who pose it.  They weaponized the justice department, bought political MADE up dirt on their political opponent.  They used paid- for opposition false research to illegally (admitted by Horowitz) to obtain FISA warrants to spy on a political opponent AND US citizens.  They’ve spied, connived, pulled every dirty trick in the book to get rid of him, all while accusing him of doing just what they’ve done in spades.  Not to mention the public interest in the fact that Joe Biden and his son are corrupt as the day is long.  Nobody had to make up a thing about them. The ends justify the means to them, and it’s really all about power.  Because why?  Because they are terrified he’ll be successful if they leave him alone and let him lead.
But having said this, I still believe most people are good.  The electorate.  The left politicians are evil, but the people who vote for them are not. They have things to contribute and they care about people. They hear things that sound fair and nice and good from people who are great talkers–always beware of a good talker.
I am not one to tell you not to comment if you disagree with me — no safe spaces around here — just do so with the respect I’ll offer you during the conversation.
We are on the road tomorrow, off to an accountant to see if we can survive tax season and the capital gains we have to pay now.  And then to Karmanos with my son for his follow up ct scan for testicular cancer.  All while we hope to avoid the flu and coronavirus.  Have a happy Monday and a good few days.  I’ll catch up with you when I return.

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