Carnivore Dreams – Gratitude

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If you’ve been following my blog the last week or so, you know I de-activated my Facebook account because I was sick of the political barrage even from my closest friends.  And of course, you know of my challenges taking care of my dad with Parkinson’s, my son with Down Syndrome.  I noted that I live with the awareness that things can always get worse.

I don’t know that they have yet I’m reminded again that no matter how bad things are, they will eventually get worse.  So I am just counting my blessings and hoping that time is not now.

We all headed down to Karmanos with my other son John who is recovering from testicular cancer.  His tumor marker is up a bit (though it’s the more general marker than can rise with a cold, but it was the one that was sky high before).  More concerning:  his heart rate has been in the 40’s.  43.  SO now we are off to have echo cardiograms and to see cardio folks since my brother and father both have aortic aneurysms, my brother about to undergo open heart surgery in April.  His only symptom: a slow heart beat.

It’s possible he’s just more fit from working out and I sure hope that is it.  But we’ll see.

I also have an Obamacare nightmare to deal with here–hard to count blessings but I’m trying.

I’ve received some lovely notes from my followers and from people I follow. You know who you are and I want to thank you because I’ve been tired.  And tomorrow and Friday and Saturday I have to drag my father around, etc., shovel snow, try to fix taxes…cook…clean…sort pills…

Happy Thursday.

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