Carnivore Dreams – Obamacare–Capital Gains

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Well, it’s a nightmare.  Years ago my husband and I were separated for a couple years.  We ended up putting things back together but by then he was working downstate and I was teaching at Northern Michigan University.  So we had separate residences.  My school loan repayment is based on my income alone because we are separated (even though married and filing jointly).   But except for weekends, we still live separately. When my husband went on SS and stopped working full time, I talked to the marketplace about insurance for just me. And I asked them if I used my income alone or both–they told me to do mine.

So THREE years later, the IRS sends me a bill for $27K for those two years and that doesn’t count this current tax year.  On top of that we sold a couple rental houses so we have capital gains to deal with (and I saved not quite enough money to deal with that). Mind you, this crappy Market health place policy had a $6800 deductible so I had to pay for all that care out of my pocket except for a yearly physical.  AND I paid $128/month as well. If I’d just dealt with a private insurance company alone I wouldn’t have paid anymore and they would have told me the deal up front.  THREE years for the IRS to tell us about this??  And the Socialists (I no longer call them Democrats) want us to put our entire lives in their hands.

My husband is still working and now probably will have to work ten years.  The government already cheated us out of our retirement by ruining the housing market (our rental houses and apartments didn’t appreciate) all due to Fanny and Freddy doing predatory lending to poor people on adjustable rates they couldn’t maintain and shouldn’t have qualified for. 125% loan to value where we could only get 80%.  Just now recovering.

So we have to take out more loans and hope someday our last rental house will cover the $50 or $60K we will be short on the Obamacare fiasco and capital gains.   Capital gains is a ridiculous chunk.  Donald Trump wanted to eliminate it but thought it would be construed as helping his “rich” friends.  Well, trust me we are not “rich.”  We had modest investments and thirty years of work they took a huge disproportionate amount of.  And now people want to put Bernie freaking Sanders in there so the middle class pays up the nose again.

Think about it, people.  The rich people will move out, take businesses overseas and the jobs associated with them, and the middle class will get screwed just like they did on Obamacare.  Only this time they’ll take our freedom and any power we have as individuals.  And Sweden gives Apple a 0% tax rate–everybody thinks Denmark and Sweden are who we aspire to?  70% tax rate on individuals.  Get ready, folks.

I have a migraine headache.  Big surprise, eh?  Luckily I don’t throw up, but I get dizzy, sometimes have visual aura.  My neck hurts.

And of course, none of this matters compared to the health of my sons (my son with testicular cancer has to have his heart checked out — his heart rate is 43) and trying to keep my father well. No wonder I’m not writing.

BTW, I have an x-student living in South Korea.  He wants to get back here desperately and now this virus is sweeping through South Korea.  Cases doubling over night.  Schools are closing.  People are panicking, he says.  He is an Asian male and they have more receptors or something in their lungs than say a white female.  But this is a terrible disease.  People in China getting sick even in prison. He is a lovely person, one of the three best students I had in all my teaching.  He did better in my creative writing class despite a language barrier than 95% of the class.  He cooked food for me and brought it to my office.  I’m so worried about him.

This weekend we do taxes — so at least we will know what we have to deal with and that is always better than the unknown.

It’s sunny here in Elk Rapids.  And life is nicer after de-activating Facebook.  I highly recommend it.

Happy Friday.

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