Carnivore Dreams – Boundaries

Strong Boundaries and High Standards – Who are you giving your leash to?

(This was written by a fabulous writer whose blog I follow–she followed up by discussing how bullying is not just perpetrated by strangers–but by those “frenemies”  and relatives we give our leashes to–maybe more pertinent than ever today.)  Here is link to her site, click here.

I saw a lady walking her dog

A beautiful



I saw somebody toxic coming along

They attacked her


She handed over the leash to her beloved pet

And let them kick and hurt him

Let that sink in

Now imagine the dog

Was not an animal

But the most beautiful part of any of us

Our soul



And you have a choice

Yet still let others bring you down

Steal your power

The narcissist

The bully

The cold the bitchy

What would you do then?


Take back your leash

Erect you’re fence

*this is a gentle reminder about owning your energy. Taking back your power, raising your standards and defending your boundaries.

Loving ourselves and putting those healthy strategies in place is sometimes more difficult than defending our loved ones and pets.

Hence the analogy.

It is important to note that nastiness of any kind always shows more about the perpetrators character than your own.

Normal healthy people don’t go around ignoring or being outrightly rude to other people.

Normal people don’t exclude others or act with meanness.

Unkind behaviour stems from issues within the perpetrator and shows a marked lack of maturity and growth.

There are many varieties and levels of bullying. Unfortunately not everyone is in a position to have enough self esteem not to be troubled or deeply hurt by nasty attacks by other humans.


Verbal attacks

Physical violence

Narcissistic manipulation

Seek help if you are unable to cope. I’ve left a couple of links below that may offer more information.

Domestic Violence Australia – click the link below

Kids helpline and information about bullying



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