Carnivore Dreams – It’s What you CAN control that matters

My father asked me once when I was young what was most important: the result or the process. I said the process. He said I was wrong.

I wasn’t.

It’s about learning to love the process and leaving the result to what it is.

A great scene in 28 Days with Sandra Bullock where Viggo Mortenson (sp) is trying to teach her to pitch the ball at a big mattress target. She completely missed it. He told her she needed to concentrate on how she held the ball, her grip, her delivery, her weight, where she stepped — all process. Once the ball leaves your hand, he told her, you have no control over it.

That is the secret to life right there.

Lots of the same ideas in The Legend of Baggar Vance that the critics and powers- that- be decided was a bad movie (including Will Smith apparently who removed his credit from it or some such thing). Probably a bunch of people who aimed for a particular “result.”

And if you don’t love the process, find something where you do…

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