Carnivore Dreams – Coronavirus Stock-up-Ongoing List2

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**Going to repost this information every day for a while.  There are asterisks next to things I decided to add that were not in the first postings.  Will do that everyday for a bit as I think of other things we should have around.

Not sure there’s anything on this shelf I’d pick, but you get the idea.

I live off the grid — or I used to, so the idea of some sort of “survival” supplies has always been part of my make-up.  So when the CDC says “get prepared” I am not fooling around.  Trying to get my kids to do the same.  I have two (possibly three) immune compromised people in my family (not sure if my son with testicular cancer is at more risk since he seems to be out of the woods, but…), so I am watching this very carefully.  I recommend that you all, especially in high density areas, take a few precautions.  Once you do, you have done all you can and might as well relax.

But don’t relax until you do!

Today I shop to fill in what I’m missing:

**Coffee and tea.  Going to get big cans of cheaper coffee and tea bags.

-**Remember to have at least a month’s worth of prescription drugs or supplements on hand, including things like Tylonol, cold medicines, daily toiletries, etc.

**Toilet paper

**I’m freezing some pot pies as well

Canned vegetables (and fruits for some of these guys).  I’ve been gathering some every time I go to the store.

Frozen concentrated orange juice (do they still make that??–no idea) — yes they do–got some.

Canned evaporated milk (maybe some powdered milk) –for cooking and in case we run out of cheese or milk or heavy cream.  If you have freezer space you can freeze both heavy cream and milk–just be sure there’s a bit of extra room in the cartons and go ahead and freeze the rest, thaw in the fridge and shake well to redistribute.

Butter, of course, freezes just fine and I have refrigerated and frozen duck fat and lard around as well.  Save your bacon grease if you run short of things.

Snacks for my dad–pretzels, popcorn, soft drinks for them, unsweetened tea

Hand sanitizer, soaps, toothbrushes (I need a new soft one).

pasta, jarred sauce, chicken and beef stock

cheese and crackers –buy hard cheeses that last a long time

salt and spices – I have a good Himalayan on the list and will check spice cupboard for the ones I use most.  Other condiments keep well, mustard and ketchup, bbq sauce.

Lots of paper towel and garbage bags, dish soap, toilet paper

My Butcherbox order comes early next week and will completely fill my freezer and I’ll buy things to replenish as I go so it stays full for a while.

I already had germ masks and bought some N95 ones as well a while ago.

If you have a small freezer, you can rely more on canned goods:  canned salmon and fish, etc.  Soups, canned fruits and vegetables.  I think getting a healthy diet would be harder in situations like this for vegans or vegetarians, since relying just on canned produce seems inadequate, but imagine they might have tips of their own.  A freezer full of meat and canned fish, oysters, sardines, salmon, tuna–should do for a good while.

Every time you go to the store, just be sure you’re stocked up and keep things that way.  This might be necessary for a whole year, year and a half, if this thing should spread and they don’t get a vaccine going right away.

It appears this might be worse for males, even Asian males, and is definitely worse for older people or immune compromised folks.  It doesn’t appear to be an existential threat to humanity so not sure if we would need to protect ourselves from each other, I really don’t think so, but I suspect it will cause a lot of havoc and some economic woes (we could blame disasters like this on the president — Katrina, Bush, Ebola (president Obama), and now what else can be Trump’s fault?) or we could help one another.  I live in a place I am certain that will be the case.  I know all my neighbors.  And I have a camp off the grid to hide out in that others don’t.

The CDC suggests having things for two weeks on hand–I think I should be able to make it a month on my planning.  And will get stocked and keep it at that level.

So.  One of two things might happen — you might contract the disease and have to self quarantine.  OR the disease just might be so prevalent that you want to lie low a while.  They say people might be working from home, schools teaching remotely, skyping or whatever.  You might have to avoid crowds.

So just do it.  And keep a good thought. There’s no down side to being ready.  I’ll post this post every day as an extra for a week or so and update it as I find other things we should consider.

If you are really hardcore, there are dried survival meals you can purchase to keep around.  remember, you can save chicken and beef bones around to make stocks and soups.  Nose to tail!  Save it all if you have freezer space.

I have an ex-student in South Korea.  I haven’t heard from him in days and he was already reporting how horrible it was there.  Folks have been diagnosed right around him and they closed the school in which he teaches.  So I am getting first hand reports of worst case scenarios.

I know.  A bit depressing post, but once you do this, you can relax and not dwell on it.

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