Carnivore Dreams – Conspiracy Dump

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz is 75 years old, so I suspect these are not recent photos oh his website.  I think it was in 86 or sometime in there he wrote a horror story about a biological accident originating in Wuhan.  Apparently, some of the specifics were different.

There is some speculation that this virus originated in the lab there and this indeed was an “accident” (or not?).  Not something that happened at some “wet market.”  Whatever the hell that is.  Some information that it originated in the lab yet to proven.  So I’m not all on that bandwagon yet.

However, regardless of where it originated, it’s here.  Everywhere.  It is way more contagious than the flu and the death rate is much higher, at least between 2% and 3%.  It has killed some young people but mostly old and the sick. The thing about this disaster is that there is a good possibility that it will be around now like the flu, peak and wane.  Adapt.  The flu rarely if ever kills young people.

OH!  And watch carefully.  There is one worrisome report that people get it, get over it and get it again–that we aren’t building up immunity to this like we do to most viruses?  Let’s hope that is a false report.  Though we do know that people appear to be getting better and relapse and die–that is a fact.

It’s convenient that this thing will hang around and continually cull out the old and infirm on a permanent basis.  Dan Brown’s book Inferno is about a virus that sterilizes a certain percent of the population –something he seems to make a moral case for even if the science is flawed.

My father is 88 years old and can still go to the casino.  Probably no more. He has COPD and would clearly never survive this.  I have a son with Down Syndrome–he’s 36.  But he gets things in his chest and doesn’t even understand he should cough.  His immune system is compromised.

I am no spring chicken.

So what does this mean for me?  I am in charge of these people and it essentially means I will be living in fear in any crowd particularly, on any public transportation (I’ve never flown without getting sick and I thought a train ride would be different with opening doors at stops–it wasn’t–I got the sickest I’ve ever been on that train ride to Seattle).  So suddenly if I wasn’t trapped enough here taking care of my dad (willingly or not), my quality of life just changed, I think, permanently.

I’m depressed.

It’s hard not to have anger at the Chinese.  But worse, it highlights the folly of a global economy.  China and S. Korea, I guess, make most of the face masks.  Many antibiotics and other prescription and over- the- counter drugs are manufactured in China.  We’ve outsourced our very supply chain to life and the extent of this we don’t even know yet.  This alone is causing the crash of the stock market.  We should address this immediately and leave the globalist socialists in the dust.

Everyone should read Wendell Barry.  All his books are fascinating.  He thinks we should function as we once did — we were originally a bartering agrarian society and being global would be our downfall.  Or rather we existed in myriad small agrarian societies, knew our neighbors, didn’t know what happened outside a  60 mile radius (or so).  I’m certain he was a liberal, but apparently smarter than most of these politicians (I take no pot shots at regular liberal citizens who are good-hearted if misguided). The politicians are crazy and evil and power-hungry, promising young people and illegal people impossibilities — for votes.

We should turn off the tv, shut down the internet (which would be hard for my life as a writer) and interact in small societies. Help each other.  Of course, if it all melts down, that is exactly what will happen again.  We’ll start over in small agrarian societies until we grow yet again to Frankenstein size (in both economic dollars and technology and hubris) when we melt down again — if we don’t wipe ourselves out entirely.

Do I think this was an accident or even something done on purpose?  (China has taken draconian measures before to control population).  I don’t know.  I lean toward accident since they obviously took big measures to quarantine things.  However, do I think some crazy scientist might have done this on purpose?  Yes, I think that could be very possible.  That’s what happened in Dan Brown’s book.  One crazy lunatic.

It almost seems impossible that there is not one crazy lunatic out there.

Nazi Germany tactics — for the good of humanity.

Don’t rule this out folks.  If nothing else, it’s another twist to a good dystopian novel.

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