Carnivore Dreams – Supplement Observation

bunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication capsules
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I have been having trouble feeling as well as I once did on carnivore–of course, I’m cheating on my diet and stressed to the max.  I might be doing fabulously under the circumstances.

However, I had added back in some supplements–vitamin D, K-2, occasional calcium, occasional astaxanthin, berberine, homocysteine.  Since my stomach had been acting up and I know supplements can be a problem, I decided to cut all of them out for a couple weeks.

It’s been two or three days here and my skin has improved immensely and so has my stomach, at least some.  My mood might have, though it’s hard to tell amidst my stress level here.  I have fewer wrinkles immediately.  I think supplements dehydrate me which is much of it.

Notably carnivore types take NO supplements.  Not even vitamin C and feel great.  Many eat liver and bone broth, etc.  Eat nose to tail.  But I will cut it all out for a month at least, then try to get actual sun for my vitamin d and then restart some berberine.  Maybe.  I seemed to do pretty well with just that and it helped a lot bring my cholesterol into line.

Food for thought.

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