Carnivore Dreams – Frankenstein


Well, folks, I’m a creative writer so I have a good imagination.

I can think of plots for horror movies easily, tend to let things go wild in the old noggin.  I mostly tend to be suspicious of science (Mary Shelley was commenting more on gender than science, I think, fascinating book to re-study!).

All mankind seems to want to mess with nature.  It’s not just the Chinese.  While some people worship science like a God, these guys scare the crap out of me.  GMO foods, pesticides.  (I was just reading there are two horrible ones still on the market here that have been outlawed in Europe –though they still send it here! — and that they expect a Parkinson’s epidemic to flourish here in part because people are living longer and in part due to pesticides).

There’s no question science can perform miracles, yet too often we seem to play with fire.

It’s hard to say if this virus  originated in a lab or a wet market.  The origin needs to be investigated not to blame anyone but for information on how we can cut down on this happening again.  And how to treat it.

I heard a pretty good spin on this situation yesterday–we are only as safe from a pandemic as our weakest human (neighbor). There’s truth to that.  Many nations have poor health infrastructures and in matters of health we can’t completely isolate ourselves.  I don’t think this means we have to have a globalist/socialist society.  It just means we have to help each other.  Which we need to do anyway.  I think countries will always put their own people first because they have to, they should, but these ideas are not mutually exclusive.

I was pleased to see Trump lifted sanctions as far as health needs to Iran and we are sending supplies and things they need to the people there where the outbreak seems to be especially deadly.

I worry more than others might — I have particularly fragile people to care for.  I wish I had the luxury of just worrying about me.  That would make things much easier.  And the prospect of this going on for more than a year is really daunting.  It seems nearly impossible to keep my handicapped son and 88-year old father (with Parkinson’s and COPD and heart disease) safe that long.  So…

Another post on diet observations here momentarily. More uplifting.

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