Carnivore Dreams – Update on Supplements

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Well, I promised to update folks on how things were going since I cut out supplements a few days ago.  (I also have been better on my diet but I have been good off and on without these same results.)

So, it is quite a change and fast.  My skin is better and I am sure I’ve lost weight (people think it’s water, but it’s also inflammation).  I’m less puffy.  My eyesight is a bit better, my glands are unswelling.  My stomach is better, though not completely–always my weak spot.

There are several possibilities here.

One is that supplements are dehydrating.  That’s definitely part of it.  And it seems to not matter how much water I drink.

Another consideration is that we know a lot of plants actually block nutrient absorption in different ways.  Gluten, oxalates, leptins, and more.  I definitely feel the nutrients are being absorbed better by my body.

Lastly, I have Hashimotos which is an auto-immune condition so it’s possible plants bother me more than they do others.

However, I was listening to a podcast the other day.  I forget the guy’s name.  He talked about how plants which are stuck in the ground and can’t move around tend to make poisonous substances to keep predators at bay.  Obviously a few animals do this as well, but his theory is that they do not do this as universally simply because most of them can move away faster.  Puffer fish and jelly fish come to mind and certainly there are more examples.  Spiders and snakes are venomous and can move pretty fast. But his contention is that more subtle, less deadly effects, also deter animals from eating them much.  And he also said that plants were fabulous but should be thought of more short term, as a drug, not something you relied upon all the time, because eventually you’ll have side effects.

Some interesting thoughts, especially for someone like me with Hashimotos.

At any rate, so far so good.  I will keep you posted.  But for now, I have stopped ALL supplements.  I am taking just a thyroid pill.  If I add anything back in, it will likely be the Berberine.  I’m hoping to get vitamin D from the sun soon.  Though that is a month away.  so I might add in cod liver oil which is less a supplement than a food which has both vitamin A and D in it.  In fact, I might try that in a couple weeks for a bit.

Stay posted.  I know a carnivore diet might seem extreme to some people, but I have only seen one person who said it didn’t work for them — most people who do it even for three weeks say it changed their lives.  Sometimes, they relax things a bit after a year or so.  I think the key to good nutrition is to think nose to tail.  Liver and bone broth add a lot.  If you tolerate dairy (and for some reason I tolerate a bit of that), it obviously adds nutrients.  Fish, seafood, oysters are high in selenium.

But without plants interfering this is a nutrient dense diet.

Oh, and I’m older, so I need more protein than younger folks to maintain muscle–hard to build muscle as a vegan or vegetarian–though I have seen a lot of fat ones.

I am sure everyone is sorting their response to this virus and how each person wants to approach it — what to do, how many changes to make when.  I have made more than others might with handicapped people in my care.  I think the best I can do right now is what I’ve done–stocked up on supplies, washing hands more, hand sanitizer any time we are in doctor offices or stores, don’t shake hands, try not to touch face in situations like that, clean surfaces better.  Stay in our small town to eat out for now rather than going to Traverse which is more cosmopolitan.  Elk Rapids gets pretty quiet in the winter.

If the virus explodes throughout the country, I’ll order more things, try to disinfect boxes on orders that come in.  Leave them outside a day alone.

And that is all I can think of to do.  Hopefully, they’ll get a vaccine going soon…(I am not one for a flu shot, but this bug is more contagious and more deadly).  There is still the issue of whether or not my son with Downs should have one.  So many issues!

Happy Saturday!  I’m making filet mignon with a beef wine sauce, a few mushrooms for those folks and mashed potatoes for them as well.  Green beans for them.  I’ll add some bacon perhaps and have an extra filet.  Maybe some bacon and carnivore waffles for breakfast here.  I have mine with butter and whipped cream or sour cream, those guys will have maple syrup.  These are great. I do whipped cream with the tiniest bit of monkfruit sometimes, though it’s pretty nice with sour cream.

Strange virus-inspired dreams.  Something about Donald Trump riding in a car.  I can’t remember the gist of it, but perhaps he should get back to work!  I’ve not been incubating dreams and my mother seems distant these days.  Perhaps over time, this will help all that.

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