Carnivore Dreams – Don’t Panic

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So what is “panic” exactly?  I suspect the “don’t panic” thing means they don’t want you to buy up all the masks “which only work after you’re sick–and anyway we need those masks (that don’t work) for our healthcare workers.”  Right.  So ok, we need those for our healthcare workers, but it’s clear they must work.

They don’t want our economy to crash and the reality is that if you are young and healthy and in your twenties or younger, you will probably be ok here.  But it’s obvious this is not the flu or they wouldn’t be acting this way.

They say,  “oh the death rate is probably way below 1% like the flu because all these people have mild cases and they are figured in.”  Ok, do they really think we are stupid?  The milder cases of the FLU where people don’t get care are not figured in, either.  Duh.  Of course the death rate is higher for older people, especially, and people with health problems.

This disease is going to blow up here, I’m sure, though we are ahead of it enough possibly we’ll do better with care than China and Italy.


But it’s true “panic” will not help anything.  But being “prepared” is not “panic.”   So do the things you can do.  If you are older, immune compromised, stay home as much as possible, have someone shop for you, avoid crowds until they get a handle on this, get some anti-virals, until they know more about it and its mutations.  Stock up for a couple weeks (I’d recommend trying to be stacked for a couple months with most things if you can).

They’ll get tests around and more masks around and hand sanitizer and anti-virals around soon and the disease will peak here at some point and back off some.  Getting it later is better than getting it early.

Help your frailer relatives with shopping, but be sure you don’t contaminate their surroundings, shop as little as possible.

I’m going to order as much as I can online, spray down the boxes, leave them a day or so outside if I can.

And that’s all I can do.  (I take care of my 88-year-old Dad with COPD, Parkinson’s and heart disease and a son with Down Syndrome who is immune-compromised.  So I’ve done about all I can.  Close family is visiting but we aren’t visiting the casino or restaurants for a bit here.

But they apparently think we have no gray matter here and that actually inspires less confidence when they do that crap.

Bottom line, if you are young and healthy you can probably go on with your lives as long as you are careful around our frailer populations.  I’d still use hand sanitizer and wash your hands a lot, avoid crowds or flying you don’t really have to for a bit.  The old and sick need to be very careful here.

But panic will not help the immune system.  Once you’re prepared, try some meditation, cook some great meals at home, have a glass of wine…(I stocked up pretty well on that).


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