Carnivore Dreams – Doom?

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Well, I don’t want to think we’re doomed.  Not yet.  Or that this virus will just keep culling out people 50 and older (boy that sounds like a horror novel for sure).  Though I think it will for some time to come.

However, it appears cases are lessening in China and S. Korea, so maybe this will just be a few months of changes to our lives — until we manage to get some anti-virals and other treatments going.

In the meantime, if you or someone you know gets really ill, ask for an IV of vitamin C, B1, and cortisone.  It’s not expensive and it does help with sepsis, which is what kills many older people.

I think what is upsetting older people and why it’s such a blow is that they planned on enjoying their retirement and now they are trapped in their homes–that’s really upsetting when Time is the enemy here.  But perhaps after things smooth out here (and we hope there IS in fact immunity building up for the general population), there will be fewer cases and perhaps a vaccine by next winter.  More testing will likely show the death rate is lower than we think.

(I still am not sure this isn’t a mistake from some lab — you can’t believe what they say on this because there are political reasons to play that down in the moment) — but of course, it doesn’t matter at this point.  I guarantee you this will get investigated down the road when it’s less of a crisis.  The silly things they say are annoying — you don’t need a mask until you get sick, it could make it worse (and we need them for our health care workers).  Idiot thing to say.  I think we are capable of saving them for our health care workers without saying illogical bullshit like that.  Same with the origin of this.  It’s clear they cannot know that yet and so far, we’re listening to propaganda.  It’s also clear that the milder cases of flu are also not figured in the death rate, so it will likely end up that this virus is more contagious and more deadly than the flu by a lot.  So all that is nonsense as well.


This gloom still does not mean this will go on forever.  As I said, things seem to be smoothing out some in Asia.

In the meantime, there might still be things we can do if we are older, depending on  the unique situation.

Like travel in RV’s, particularly in low density spots (for older folks).  Gas prices may stay down for some time!  We can still get outside and enjoy nature.  Hikes. Get that vitamin D which is crucial to fighting this and it needs to come from the sun, so don’t listen to those idiot skin cancer folks.  Get sun. (I think this will still be concentrated in high density areas mostly and those are the places that will be quarantined or blocked off).  Games!  We can play games at home, watch Netflix, cook lovely meals.  Sip a little wine.  Meditation and exercise–there are tons of programs online to help you smooth out.

I do recommend buying things online for older folks for some time.  Stay out of stores as much as you can.  You can order prescriptions online as well.  Spray packages down on the outside as they arrive and keep a clean house.

I suppose I’m a bit ahead of some people on these mental adjustments because I saw it coming like a freight train when it was still early in China and I have been grieving steadily since — I prepared earlier than anyone in my town, for instance.  I am a caregiver so I had to get prepared earlier –two immune-compromised people I care for.  So I prepared early, stocked up, and melted down right away!  So now we adjust.  I stocked up, have been researching buying online, and figuring out how we will deal with this.

Survival and quality of life will depend on our ability to manage stress.  This isn’t just a saying anymore–we must do it!

We sent off our taxes last week.  That was ugly, but it’s done and one less stress factor.

Do the things you can control.  The illusion of control is worth a lot!

I’m doing some Mongolian wings tonight and some sour kraut for my dad for his coumadin level (he takes a pretty high dose and eats the K-1 veggies to offset a bit–hard to keep it in the right range.)  I love those wings.

This week I’m preparing for my family to come visit for my birthday.  Going out in town here possibly one last time.  Small town and Michigan isn’t a place with a lot of spread yet.  Leaving the high risk folks home.   so the kids are taking me to dinner Friday and a neighbor is taking me for jazz in Eastport on Sunday afternoon. So this week, I’ll clean house and prepare for that.  Next week, am hoping to get back into some writing and exercise! That’s something I can still do at home.  And I’ll do some better dream incubation!

Happy Monday, folks.  Let’s help one another.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Doom?

      1. We are a little way out of town. Nothing where I live – a little in the cities but I think it’s mostly being handled pretty well. The mass panic thought the media isn’t helping anything. It will blow over soon enough. All these things do.

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