Carnivore Dreams – Sorry we’re closed

blue and white sorry we re closed wooden signage
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Well, if you have been following my blog, you would know I suggested a couple weeks ago they just close everything for three weeks.  Everybody would have bitched and called me crazy, of course.  We ARE doing it earlier than Italy and China and S. Korea and Iran, so we MIGHT, just MIGHT be ahead of this enough to flatten that trajectory and not overwhelm our health system–which is why so many people die.

My family has been talking about me like I was nuts for months and now I suddenly look much smarter.

But hang in there.  Our governors have gotten on this fairly early and are closing bars, restaurants, etc.  I have to hand it to Whitmer here in Michigan for closing schools and bars and everything early–our health system may have a chance here.  Maybe not in New York, California, Florida, Illinois.  Ohio’s governor is on top of it, too.  Wisconsin may be ok if they get moving.

We need to NOT travel, stay home.  I was on this months ago, since my dad has COPD, Parkinson’s and heart disease — he’s 88.  Also have a son with Downs.  So I have three months of medications and I had to stockpile up earlier than other people because of it and I did.  I have toilet paper and paper towel and canned goods and a freezer full of food.  I will go to the post office once/week or so.  Maybe.

The things I order I spray down with clorox spray and leave outside on the porch overnight.

I just made arrangements for my dad to have his coumadin levels checked at home and he qualifies for home care anyway due to his age and condition, so that is set up.

My husband works downstate where the cases are more widespread.  He’s shopping for the whole week up here and staying out of the stores down there.  My son down there will help him get a few things if necessary.

We own apartments downstate with 32 units.  We are looking into deals that you can open the doors with your arms and trying to clean hallways more often.

Get some board games, folks, sign up for Netflix, Amazon.  You’ll be saving a lot staying out of restaurants and bars, so maybe you can order some nice steaks from D’artagnan or Butcherbox.  Figure out ways to pamper yourselves.  Sip some wine but be careful you don’t overdo it–protect your immune system.

Vitmain D and C are important.  Zinc.  Eat well.  If you aren’t in big cities and in warmer climates, get real sun and don’t listen to those idiot sun screen people.  Exercise.  Lots of online programs if you don’t have an exercise bike.

Keep your chins up!


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