Carnivore Dreams – Happy St. Patty’s

I hope you are not celebrating.  Or at least not in a bar (Michigan is shut down).  We are lying low and having corned beef (and cabbage for those guys).

It’s getting weird out there, but keep calm.  I think Trump is on this, so don’t listen to those trying to politicize this.  Stick together.  I THINK we might have shut things down before we end up like Italy.  Wish they’d done it two weeks earlier like I wanted to, but we still have a chance to blunt that curve if everybody helps.

Stay home.  Work at home if you possibly can.  Cook at home.  Relax.  Do exercises at home, meditate.  Limit trips to store or post office.  Stock up on drugs if you are elderly.

Help each other.  I cancelled my lady who helps clean here but I’m paying her anyway–try to do that stuff, folks.

The stock market is back up a bit.  President Trump is sending us money.  “We’re going to win,” he says.  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

Happy Tuesday, happy St. Patty’s Day.  Drink green beer at home.


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