Carnivore Dreams – Inspiration


My husband was laid off yesterday.

It will make things tough, but I have to think it was meant to be and he won’t be downstate where all the cases of the virus are.

For now.

I spent the morning arranging finances.  The good news is we are refinancing and that should lower our payment on our camp/home substantially.  I paid off a couple small loans to save interest and get our payments down, and added up how we’ll get on–it will be fine with him on unemployment at least.  Though once again, delays on paying off the camp.

I think we’ll keep our tiny RV which may be the only way to get out of the house for a long time to come.  And of course, we’ll be saving a lot on meals not-eaten-out.  We weren’t ones for junk food anyway, so it was usually pricey restaurants when we went.

And I was so uplifted by the Italian tenor singing on his balcony to all his neighbors trapped in quarantine and the little Italian boys playing their violins.  Poor Italy.  Andrew Cuomo (one Democrat who is actually a Patriot) is a calming influence on poor New York City and state.   He just babbles away for an hour or so every day and he is a gift from God. He says this stuff brings out the best and worst in people.  There are people still posting hateful things on Facebook despite knowing half the people don’t agree, but there are people like Andrew Cuomo and the Italian tenor out there that remind us how amazing people can be.

I think we should be optimistic about the therapeutics that might work — the Malarial drugs, etc.  If we can just delay the trajectory and the pressure on our medical infrastructure this might be manageable.  Trump is doing a good job and enlisting the private sector and he is the one to see us through the economic problems here.  It’s true we can only go so long before restoring life as usual, but the pause of a month or so might save us.  I’ve noticed the cases don’t seem to be multiplying as much in Washington and California.  It’s going to be the high density areas (especially those still in colder climates) that may see the worst of this. And we live up where people are more spread out.

Several of my bloggers are gardening.  One lives in Australia, so I assume it’s warm there now, getting toward fall maybe?  And one is in New York and decided to plant some seeds.  I’ve never planted seeds before so I ordered a small light system and shelves and I will plant herbs and potatoes and beans in a week or so.  I will likely buy a few flowers, but fewer than normal, and possibly some potatoes to plant. Maybe.  Gardening and walking and fishing and camping out will probably be all we do here for some time.  We could go off in the little trailer but will have to be sure somebody can stay with my dad and not infect him.

We are stocked up for a month really, maybe two, except for eggs.  We go through a lot of eggs here.  Eggs really don’t have to be refrigerated and I used to use refrigerated eggs six months after I bought them and they were fine, so that will be the one thing we will need.  Eggs are wonderful things.

I ordered cheese from The Cheese Lady which is a store in many states and I highly recommend getting some fabulous cheese.

I spray down packages and leave them overnight, the same with mail.  I throw away all grocery bags now and wash my hands.  Paper bags are the best choice right now, not reusable cloth bags and not plastic.

This will be the new normal for some time to come.  It’s hard to say if it will do any good.  But we’ll pray for therapeutics.

Have a great Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Inspiration

  1. Here’s how to check to see if eggs are still good: place egg(s), shell and all, in water. If they sink, they’re good. If one end floats, it needs to be used in the next few days. If the whole thing floats, chuck it. It’s worked for me so far.

    Hang tight!

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