Carnivore Dreams – Head

woman holding her head
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Wasn’t sleeping at all, so got up to get some water, bent down under a cabinet and stood up under it.  I can’t tell you how much that hurt my head.  Had ice on it for a while, dozed off and woke up nauseous.  Nothing else terrible like dizziness or double vision or anything, but my head still hurts and my stomach is still off.

So nothing happened today.  Been sitting here in a pile.  Tomorrow will work on my dad’s request of scalloped potatoes and ham if nausea clears up all the way, but that was too much for me today.  Will avoid ibuprofen and aspirin til I’m sure my noggin is ok.  Stick to Tylonol.  A hospital is the last place I want to venture into right now.

Our local grocery store has started curbside pick up.  We live in a small town.  We will email in our order.  That will be great for us and them,  so will work on my list tomorrow.  Need a few things before Easter.

Some crazy websites talking about food supplies drying up and cannibalism in the offing.  I wouldn’t think farmers and ranchers should be that affected and we have our truck drivers.  Not sure why these folks write this stuff.

Keep a good thought for a better day.  Don’t eat bats and don’t eat each other.  I think we can do better than that.

Happy Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Head

  1. Why indeed are some people so crazy? It’s all the end of the world movies. I think – as you say- they would eat a steak before their mate. Hitting the head on the cupboard hurts so much – almost knocked myself out once doing that – hope the nausea settles. Look after yourself X

  2. Yeah, I can’t imagine even these survivalist types going that far.especially when the death rate of this is really so low. Terrifying people. Going to be some rough times here, but these people are nuts. I’ve always sort of thought about the economy/government melting down and perhaps needing to be self sufficient (I normally live off the grid), thought about needing a gun, but cannibalism really never was high on my list of worries. So you have guys like this and you have that Italian guy singing to his neighbors and people playing violins a guy dancing at Chic filet (sp). People trying to help lift spirits. Such a juxtaposition.

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