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I feel less stressed.

Is it because everything is suddenly going so great and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel?  No. Is it because they  have treatments and I know all my high risk folks here (care-giver that I am) are going to be ok?  No.  Is it because I’m all stocked up and I know I can live here for several months if I had to? No.

Obviously, my husband was laid off and I bumped my head and overall not much has gone right.

It’s because Trump announced he is going to put the country back to work soon, in a matter of weeks.  Even though I am in the high risk group (and certainly my son with Downs and Dad with COPD, Parkinsons and heart disease is– as is my husband), I think what upset me the most was the idea that we were just going to sit here and watch the country go down the tubes.

It’s hard to say the impact of even a few weeks will have on it–could be drastic — but if he waited any longer, it was going to be terrifying.

Thank God he got it and is up there in charge.  The death rate isn’t that high–it’s just how many people get ill at once that is the problem.  The death rate IS high in some groups, but still the biggest problem is how contagious it is and how compromised and overwhelmed the health infrastructure is.  Some real promising therapeutics coming up.

But we can’t let the country collapse and to hear Donald Trump get that was incredibly reassuring.

Also the patients needing beds in New York is going down.  The percentage.  That’s good news.

So let’s see if he can rotate us in and out and keep the country up and going in parts.  Say a prayer for him and for our way of life.

I slept  in and will have a nice cup of coffee this morning.  Then make my dad his scalloped potatoes and ham in the slow cooker.  I better not exercise a couple days with my head injury (I stood up under a cabinet door and thumped my head harder than I’ve ever done in my life — had some nausea).  So will just do some work on my memoir.

Oh!  My grow light came, so I’m going to watch my husband put together some shelves.  All I need now for the moment is the seeds!  I ordered herbs, vegetables, and flower seeds.  More on that soon…

Happy Thursday.

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