Carnivore Dreams -Seeds and Thoughts

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Yesterday we put together my grow light system.  I’m going to try to grow tomatoes, peppers, beans, lettuce, lots of herbs from seed, starting them inside.  I have everything I need except the seeds!  I also ordered seed potatoes which I’ll put into the garden directly in April.  I’ve never grown from seeds before and that seems exciting and life affirming.  I had planned to put the glow light in the basement but decided to put it upstairs where my dad can see it.

Here’s the problem I see.  They are going to have to open this economy and even with some of the therapeutics and even if this slows down the curve some, life will not be the same for older people or anyone with health issues anymore.  Anytime soon.  Vaccines are usually only about 45% effective for the flu and this is more contagious and more deadly to compromised folks.

So the world will never feel the same for anyone 60 or older or in poor health.  Even with the plasma antibody thing and some of the drugs, this changes life for us.  And I just don’t know how we will deal with it going forward.

One thing that seems a given for us is no more concerts or sporting events, no big crowds.  No high density urban areas.  Perhaps in some areas of the country we will be able to go to dinner again.  When it isn’t busy.  We can never again go to a busy bar or restaurant?  We are going to be spaced out a lot more.

Hiking and fishing for those of us in good enough shape is still possible.

But it really seems to me that life is irrevocably different for us now.  And even younger people better be careful.  They die of this occasionally and/or it seems to be creating lung damage.

My alternative guy seemed to think that if this was created in a lab it might actually be a carcinogen, so if we survive it now, it may cause cancer soon enough.

And like my neighbor says, “I’m sitting here swallowing, asking myself, do I have a sore throat … or not?”

My son said jokingly that the virus wasn’t going to blow down the street and through the cracks of the house, but maybe it will … eventually.

So we will be thinking how we go forward.

Revision today.  A nice roasted chicken.  The weather is improving so probably some steaks on the grill soon.  And we’ll be trying out the new smoker soon as well.  True Green was here today treating the lawn with the natural stuff–I guess they are essential services!  And we look forward to prime rib on Easter, a leg of lamb soon, racks of lamb as well… stay tuned.

Dreams and writing next week!

Happy Friday.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Seeds and Thoughts

    1. I have never done it before, either! I’m doing some hydroponically and some traditionally in soil, both with grow lights. Oh boy! I will report in. However, things are straggling in–lots of orders and demand for seeds here. So I hope to have all of it by this weekend, including seed potatoes to get in soon, which I have done before. One of the bright spots in the gloom!

      1. Focus on the bright spots and they grow larger! We have a dearth of seeds as well but I managed some and I have also got flowers – growing anything is a wonderful pastime – I haven’t any experience at all with hydroponics – that sounds really interesting!

  1. Yep, you are right! Got to find those bright spots. Downstate Michigan is a hotspot now, 9300 cases here in our state. So we are being VERY careful. So I really really need those things to focus on at least part of the time! I bought one of your books (are there more?) for my kindle, but had such a bad headache yesterday, I couldn’t read. Maybe soon!

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