Carnivore Dreams – Wayne County

woman wearing black jacket
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The virus is exploding in Wayne County, MI and Cook County, Illinois.  I’m not sure why, they aren’t sure why.  The hot-spots are always urban pretty much, that’s a given.  My son is downstate down there in Macomb, pretty close, and where there are enough cases.

We just aren’t meant to live like sardines–we never were.

They better keep that in mind with all this urban planning and public transportation.  This kind of thing will go on.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Wayne County

  1. I believe that virus contagion will be a thing that will continue and yes – more needs to be done or a better system for living with it out in place. Our Government has done an almighty job to buffer everyone economically but if a different virus popped up next year they couldn’t afford it – so we need to find a way to distance ourselves at safe levels all the time

  2. Yes, there will be permanent changes and that’s fine I think. We just have to be careful we don’t trade all freedom and quality of life to it. An easy excuse for power grabs.

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