Carnivore Dreams – 23 and Me – Blood Types Matter!

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I had mine done years ago and found it interesting–mostly for ancestry purposes, but paid for the health part as well.  It’s been mostly reassuring on any reports they’ve sent on.

I heard a doctor from New York City (I’d heard this a couple times) say  that people with Type A blood do worse with coronavirus.  I didn’t know my blood type so I went on 23 and Me to see and they don’t tell you.  But you can upload your raw data into a site called Promethease for $12 (a doctor will charge you $200) and find out, but not the rhesus blood type–can’t tell you if you are positive or negative.  I knew I was either Type A or Type B positive, knew I was positive, but I couldn’t remember the other.  So I paid the $12 to find out.

This site tells you all kinds of scary shit about every gene in your body.  It’ s largely incomprehensible because you often have some genes that cause a horrible thing and some that lower the risk.  I have genes that say I have a higher risk of schizophrenia, some say lower.  Some say higher of bi-polar, some lower.  Some say higher for straight depression, some lower.  I am sure breast cancer (between 23 and Me results and this) has me at a pretty low risk.  Late stage Alzheimers?  conflicting.  Says I have increased risk of osteoporosis (yep, that’s right), some forms of bone cancer/leukemia type.

They give you information for either sex, so I’m definitely dying of prostate cancer and going bald!  Says I hate cilantro (love it) and that I likely have blond hair and blue eyes (dark hair and hazel/brown eyes — 23 and Me had this right).  It did get me worried about my eyesight more since my dad has Macular degeneration and says I might be blind when I’m old.  If I get esophageal cancer, I’m only making it two years, it says.  And I’m at a slightly increased risk for pancreatic cancer (the other thing I most worried about) — and didn’t see any genes that lowered that one.  But those two things, well three, esophagus, pancreas, and eyes, always worried me, so will exercise and take care not to get Type II diabetes.  No sugar.  Get back on that diet!  It definitely got me focused!

So had my eggs and a bit of bacon (they have NOT proved bacon causes pancreatic cancer or that coffee or alcohol matter).  So it IS helping me get focused back on a healthy diet!  And while a ketogenic diet aids in treatment with some kinds of cancer (along with conventional treatments) it is not good for certain cancers.  It IS good for preventing Type II diabetes, though, which is linked to almost every health problem under the sun.  So it may be a good diet for prevention in general.

Oh, and I AM Type A blood — the thing I went on to find out!.   Of course.  So that means that everyone in my little posse here is high risk because of their health.  I am in good health but at a higher risk with Type A.  I’d rather know some of this stuff than not.  The unknown for me is more stressful.

So if I don’t die of prostate cancer or go bald (I am a woman in case it wasn’t clear), life will be good!

Happy Saturday, eh??  Ha!

I guess you have to laugh at this stuff.  Something is gonna get us/me.  I might  not have to worry about any of that other stuff if that virus blows down the street and through the cracks of the house (as my son teases me it will).

A good friend just told me people she knows downstate (one of the next epicenters in southern lower Michigan) have died and are hospitalized, so it encroaches.

It’s a precarious life, folks, but life was always fragile.  Hopefully we will get lives back within a year or so.  (A year!)  But yep, that is what older people can look at — best case.  I think some really good things will come out of this imposed isolation–many people needed a good look at themselves with no distractions!  Perspective.  This is particularly good for young people who here in the states seem spoiled and out of touch with what’s important.  Not that we all aren’t to some degree.

Less pollution, less war, more cooperation between countries.



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