Carnivore Dreams – Blood Groups Matter!

person s hands covered with blood
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Ok, kind of gruesome photo.  Now that I have your attention!

Blood group DOES matter for diseases.  Hm, and isn’t THIS interesting.  Type O people are at a lower risk (and do better) for CORONAVIRUS AND MALARIA — and isn’t it interesting people are responding to MALARIA drugs!!  Fascinating stuff.  Type O people seem to be immune to Malaria??

I have gotten gastritis all my life and I see I am at a higher risk of gastric cancer (and not likely to live longer than two years, either, if I get it), but according to some of these folks, Type A’s should eat vegetarian — nope.  I know that doesn’t agree with me.  My esophagus acts up the more carbs I eat — of any type.

Type A’s have more cortisol and more anxiety and Type O’s take longer to get stressed but longer to DE-stress.  Yoga and meditation important for Type A’s and B’s.  (Will get back to that, too.)

Says Type A’s are more fertile — yep.  That’s me.  Get pregnant if I’m in the same room with some guy!   Type O’s less fertile.  Eggs don’t last as long.  Hm, my daughter has been putting off another pregnancy and is Type O.  Type O’s get ulcers.

Interesting stuff.  Click here to read about blood types and illness:

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