Carnivore Dreams – In the Blood

person getting his blood check
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First, let me vent.  I am a Libertarian and our governor here in Michigan is forbidding trials of drugs even though the FDA has ok’d them for certain people and they are being tried in New York State and Florida and more places.  How dare she presume to parent us when this should be between our doctors and ourselves.  One of the best things Donald Trump did was Right To Try.  I’m livid over this — she seems like her IQ is about 75.  I’ve about had it with her.  Even Dr. Fauci said he would definitely prescribe it to some of his patients if it was indicated.  How DARE she presume to get in between that.

I’m not sure the venting was enough.  I see we are up to 5500 and 132 deaths — our death rate is much higher than New York and Florida.  DUH, you brainless idiot.

Here is her IDIOT order:

However, interestingly I uploaded my 23 and Me raw data into Promethease and it’s interesting how close it is in light of certain diseases and conditions we know we have already.  My husband and I are both Type A and that is the blood type that does the worst with coronavirus.  O is the best blood type.  Luckily two of my kids are O and I need to check my son with Downs with a blood test because if he were O I’d be slightly less crazed.

Interestingly, Type O people do much better with Malaria (and the trial drug is an anti-Malaria drug).  I suspect it is being tried because it seems the virus is attaching to the antigens in Type A blood types as it does in Malaria.  Luckily, my husband and I have some protective genes for Malaria–no idea if that would translate to this, of course.

It’s also interesting to see our risks for cancer and heart disease and diabetes.  It’s interesting that I have genes that indicate I could get Type II diabetes and high blood pressure and nothing could be further from the case there at least!  And I know that is my life style and exercise and diet.  Since diabetes and metabolic syndrome are such risk factors for nearly ALL illnesses, I hope this also counter-acts my higher risk for some cancers.  I have a lower risk of breast, colon, and ovarian, but just general cancer genes lung cancer (I have NEVER smoked but have that gene for cancer people get who never smoke).  Wouldn’t you figure that.  It picked up some of my autoimmune risks like thyroid issues and stuff.  Which is my only issue at the moment.  It picked up my son’s risk for testicular cancer which he is recovering from.  My husband has even more risk, so we’ll keep an eye on his gonads.  He doesn’t really need those anymore.  Ha.

But we need to settle in for the long haul here.  If you are old.  So we need to adapt and learn to get perspective here.  See the good parts of this and there are some, trust me.

Happy Sunday, folks!  I’m planning to get writing this week.  I did some last week and will do better this week!

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