Carnivore Dreams – Vitamin D

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A former CDC director (Tom Frieden), vitamin D may be the best way you can boost your immunity.  He suggests sunshine or a supplement if you live in northern climes.

Of course, dose according to your physician’s direction and your current levels.  If you are low, you should plan to take a hefty dose for a month or two.  I know some physicians that prescribed 10,000 iu for a couple months.  It takes quite a bit to right those levels if you are sub-clinical.  But again, check with your doctor–hopefully you have an idea of your levels.

If not, take no more than 2,000 iu for a bit until you can get better advice.

Better yet, get it from the sun if you can.  Without sun screen stopping short of sun burn.  It works much better than pills.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Vitamin D

  1. Ugh: the sun triggers my lupus terribly. I used to be a sun worshipper as a youth, but had the brains to stop around 20. I did deplete the melanin in areas (instead of dark age spots, I have white ones), but I’m in my early 50s and remarkably wrinkle-free. (I smile as infrequently as possible to preserve my youthful face. 😏)

    I really need to start supplementing, though by some wizardry, even with lupus, my immune system kicks a**. My son and husband are chronically ill, and often contagious, and I’ve skated along. I have been blessed with health so that I can care for my menfolk, I’m convinced.

    Thanks for the reminder about Vitamin D. Stay well.

  2. I wondered if Lupus folks could supplement! Well, my skin isn’t perfect but my wrinkles get better with sun in the summer and much deeper and noticeable in winter. But I FEEL so much better, I do it. I wear natural sun screen on my face, though! It’s great you do so well with that! Good for you! And glad you take of those weaker folks there! 🙂

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