Carnivore Dreams – Corona-solution

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Here is my solution.  So ok, I think Trump did the right thing to extend this a month.  That gives them time to get more testing and better handle on things and perhaps a chance to slow the trajectory.

But at that point, it’s obviously not sustainable.  The death rate is not 10 or 20%.  It’s likely below 1% or up to 2%.  The more worrisome thing about it is it may be causing long term health problems.  But still, at some point it’s unsustainable–whatever point that is.  Sometime soon.

SO.  Old people over 60 and high risk people are going to have to have a new way of life and isolate until there is a vaccine and more importantly therapeutics that work WELL.  Vaccines often are only about 45% effective.  That will probably go on for a year or maybe even much longer.  So if seniors were still working AND for those high risk folks — like diabetics or people with any underlying risk factor — they should have the option of getting extra help and they stay isolated.  Which is the reality anyway.  I have a son recovering from testicular cancer.  Not sure if he’s at a higher risk, but people with conditions of any kind.  They have the option of government help until this is under control.  Maybe a good year.

Then we let the young people have their lives back since most of them want that anyway, and ask them to hold down the forte.   People in their twenties can really help now–lots of jobs for them and they are at very low risk.

Also, any urban areas where the virus is a concern should have shelter in place and extra help until that gets under control.

Also, everybody has to do things differently.  More space at work and/or working from home when possible.  No shaking hands.  Wash hands constantly.   Restaurants need to reduce capacity for a while which means they will have to raise prices.  Crowded bar scenes are likely not in the cards for a while which I know puts a real cramp on the young people and their night lives.  But perhaps that isn’t all bad.

It’s great the FDA approved those drugs for use on the virus so idiots like our governor in Michigan who prohibited off-label use can stop killing people for political reasons (our death rate higher than anywhere except Washington and they had nursing home issues.)  So that is really a positive thing for the day.  The hell with her.  I hope people sue her since prescribing off-label is NOT her concern.  I’m certain she cost people their lives.  She is not a health professional and we have research hospitals that should be been doing what New York and New Jersey were doing.

We know friends of friends who have died and are sick, so it gets closer but we are isolated up here in Elk Rapids and hope they don’t let the downstate people (and those from Chicago) come up here.  We have prohibited renting out our houses in our small town (it’s a tourist town) for now.  And I hope they prohibit it all summer this year.  Traverse City is taking similar measures.

And that seems reasonable to me, though we will have to take stock the end of April.

One thought on “Carnivore Dreams – Corona-solution

  1. We are limping along here in Australia but I agree that it no vaccine can be found for some time, then those people of high risk must isolate rather than the entire country being shut down. Our young people are going to be shrouded in the shadow of high taxes for their entire lifetime to pay for this thing. We need a way forward that isn’t so extreme.

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