Carnivore Dreams – Seedling Update

First Day planting

Well, the tomatoes and zucchini and Arugula seeds had already shown up so decided to plan ten tomato plants, five zucchinis and five arugula.  I have them on a heat mat and under the grow light.  I used Miracle Grow potting soil so hope that is not too dense.  Seemed nice and loamy until I get it wet, then slightly dense.  I don’t have them too wet and used plastic wrap for a mini-greenhouse situation.  Some holes in it.  When I replant them I’ll get a label stick in each one.  Right now, just labeled the whole trays.

I understand I have to remove the heat mat once they germinate and then I think I can water them from underneath maybe, though I have a squirt bottle situation as well.  You start fertilizing once they germinate or get real leaves I guess.  With the heat from the lamp and the mat, I imagine they’ll need some water at least every other day.

I may have gotten too many Arugula seeds in each pod deal–very hard to get just three or so in there, so we’ll see how that works out.  Zucchini seeds are easy to plant and then you thin out the seedlings, pick the strongest one as they come up.

I have petunias coming and some wild flowers which I may start in 3 inch pots instead of the tiny ones.  Not sure.  I don’t have the other greenery that makes a plant interesting, but this year at least I’ll have some blue petunias.  I also have lots of herbs coming and more lettuce.  Seeds should arrive Monday or Tuesday.  I grew green onions myself at camp two summers ago and will do that in the windows, just hydroponically.  They grow like crazy.  You just cut them short from the store bought ones, stick them in water and away they go.  No need to buy green onions.  They grow in like three days.


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