Carnivore Dreams – Sprouts

I was going to write about DNA and 23 and Me and Promethease today, but that didn’t seem like a good Sunday post.  So I took a picture of my aerogarden hydroponic sprouts (lettuce coming up in THREE days!)  I know you can barely see them, but they are there!  I am keeping my grow light on 24 hours for vegetative plants–herbs and lettuce.  Very exciting.

Maybe one picture will be a better close up:

Lettuce 3 days

Yep that did it.

I sent a system on to my son and daughter as well.  My grandson is very excited about the garden!  Of course, I lost the picture of him and can’t find it in my inbox or on my daughter’s site.

You can see my other Burpee grow system there.  I’m waiting for the rest of my seeds to come for the system.  They have all shipped so am hoping to get them planted at the latest mid-week.  My seed potatoes should go in the garden, too, so will get it turned over here Monday (will put my husband on that).  They should be here early week as well.

Shirred eggs this morning.

shirred eggs

Mine had cheese, though, and chives.  No bacon this a.m.

My dad (who passed out and fell on his face a few nights ago) is unswelling some, but still hanging in bed in his room.  His nose was twice its size and a gash in his head, eyes so swollen he can barely see out.  He’s watching The Honeymooners in there on Prime Video.  He loves shirred eggs, so imagine he was happy with breakfast.  Two cups of good black coffee, apple slices and an English muffin.

But his fall device went off at 7:20 a.m. since he was flailing in his sleep (after I hoped for a sleep-in) and I have this neighbor whose emergency horn keeps blaring–same time.  So I was up early.  As I’m sure all the neighbors were.  He apparently has a glitch in it.  There it goes again–third time this morning.  Maybe disconnect it, Geoff??  Ha.

Happy Sunday!  Gardening updates this week and DNA information — pretty fascinating stuff there.  Maybe an excerpt or two–I plan to work.  the house is clean.

Oh, I nearly forgot.  We got our feeders out yesterday.  Last year we were too late.  I have four of them.  For some reason, it looks half full, but it’s full:


All in all, a much better Sunday post than DNA.

Keep a good thought.  More on that this week — how to manage information.

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