Carnivore Dreams – Seedling Report

Beans and zucchini 4-23

I transplanted my beans and zucchini and I am hoping they don’t get too big for the pots before I can put them in the garden — which will be nearly a month!  They have only been in there about three weeks.

Tomatoes 4-23

The tomatoes are coming along but luckily they won’t need repotting for a week or more.  They will need thinning as well.  It’s a bit of a problem finding enough room under the grow light.  So I have already had to move a flat of lettuce into a window.

Onions and wildflowers

Onions and wildflowers.  I need to use some green onions here directly.  I started some more of those and they will grow again as you use them, so will likely use some in the sauteed mushrooms tonight.  Wildflowers coming along.


Teeny tiny petunias!  Look closely! I was afraid we weren’t going to get any, but several containers have them starting finally.  I also have lots of sweet peppers going but they will take a good long time before repotting is necessary.  But I have only one jalapeno so far!  So am hoping those are just taking their sweet (hot) time.

I really hadn’t figured in space under the grow lights once I repot tomatoes, beans, zucchini, and and peppers.  A problem that will need solving.  Herbs will have to be moved into a window temporarily–I plan to keep some inside, put some in the garden.  The lettuce and herbs will stay in flats and go right into the garden or some gift pots.

I already have chives coming up outside and mint and it appears oregano and thyme and sage made it through the winter.  Can’t decide if I pull them out and start over yet.  Will see how flavorful they are since they are taking up a lot of the garden.

But t his has been wildly successful so far!

Happy Thursday again!

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Seedling Report

  1. Wow Lynn. Its’ amazing how you do it. I have no clue how to go about growing vegetables though I’d love to. I guess you need loads of patience and knowledge of-course to do it.

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