Carnivore Dreams – GOT MILK!



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I know a lot of carnivores and keto folks avoid dairy and people in general do–there is an especially annoying push to claim cows are being abused having to provide milk for us. Gees.

I’ve been having terrible back pain, stomach issues and general bone/muscle pain.  No fevers and pretty sure I don’t have the bug.  Similar symptoms to my maladies of the past. I realized that once again, I hadn’t been drinking milk.  I woke up at 7:30 in all kinds of pain everywhere and it occurred to me I hadn’t been drinking milk again.  Cheese doesn’t do it for me.

I drink lactaid since I’m lactose intolerant sort of (my 23 and Me says I am and I get gassier with regular milk).  I drink whole Lactaid.  I got up and drank a whole glass and I swear within a half hour or hour, my pain was 70% better and I felt relaxed enough to fall back to sleep for a bit.  It’s not totally gone.  It also seems to help my gastritis issues.  I had noticed before that my back was immediately better when I drank milk, so despite all the hype against it — all kinds of reasons from allergies to higher acid to more — if you have bone or joint or muscle issues, I recommend drinking it.  I will drink a glass morning and night for a bit, but I found one glass/day really helped me.

Milk is allowed in carnivore, frowned on with keto, though heavy cream is preferred for carnivore.  I would try it if I were you.  Cream doesn’t do it for me; has to be milk.  I will report in over the  next week to see if I continue to improve.

Magnesium deficiency is also common in everyone and I recommend vitamin D from the sun, especially after the latest findings about sun and heat killing the virus.

Our governor was about to get sued and our attorney general was gong to side with individuals, so she extended our stay at home order, but relaxed people going to their other properties, using a motor boat, buying gardening things and paint and all.   People can golf without carts.  She did, however, have the nerve to say people should not use medical masks or construction masks, they had to use a scarf in public.  Right.  Let her arrest us.  I bought construction N-95 masks three months ago and my son’s girlfriend has been wearing one working at Jimmy Johns, disinfecting it.  She is NOT stopping and we had allergen masks already and we re-use, sit them in sunlight and heat, all the time.  So we intend to keep doing it.  No one else could use them.

It is scary how much the government is going to be in our lives now.  Her relaxing some of this lowered my claustrophobia level some, but I am still worried about how far they will push this intrusion going forward.

She also should have different rules for upper lower Michigan and the U.P. than what she has downstate, due to how fewer people and cases there are.  And we still don’t know about construction workers or car assembly folks.

I am ok holding off on restaurants, hair salons, all those type places a while longer until we get more information, a bit more testing in place.  Those places need to make social distancing plans and spas obviously have some issues.  I can see restaurants working for younger people soon with new protocols.

Things will be nuanced a long time.  Old people and immune compromised people will need a new plan for their lives and no information yet about helping those folks financially.

Happy Friday.  I think I’ll make chicken wings after I clean house here.  We will watch some of the NFL draft and see who Detroit picks.  A bit of normality.

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