Carnivore Dreams – Carnivore Waffles

Recipe Testing1

Breakfast today!  I also add some sour cream.  But these are made from pork rinds and sharp cheddar cheese.

The original recipe called for a half cup of pork rinds (I buy them in jars — will post link below), 1/3 cup mozzarella (I’ve always used sharp cheddar), one egg, and pinch of salt.  If you put maple syrup on these these are every bit as good as regular waffles. Of course, not allowed on carnivore.  They don’t taste quite the same with just butter or with sour cream, but they do satisfy.  For a bit of sweetness, you can sprinkle some monkfruit sugar.  Nice.  I use a tiny waffle maker and do them one at a time.  My dad and husband love them, but they use the syrup.  So you know they are great.

I use these pork rinds for breading for chicken or wings in the air fryer or oven and for these waffles.  Great product. Here

So hope you enjoy this.  I didn’t have much else to say today.  Need some exercise and a hose down.  Watching the NFL Draft, something I don’t usually do, but any kind of sports feels good!  GO LIONS.

Happy Saturday.


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