Carnivore Dreams – Fantasy Novel

Elder woman

I kind of imagine the spirit guide in my fantasy novel to look something like this woman–of course she only arrives in dreams.  They did something like that on Northern Exposure years ago where the Indian guy dreamed up a spirit guide, but then I think the guide bled over into his waking life.  Invisible to everyone else.  What was that character’s name?  Ed.  Ed Chigliak.  In my novel, the spirit guides only show up in lucid dreams.

So I have done some work every day for a while now, but I think I’ll post some past writing now and then since it takes away the drive to work on a present project when you share much about it, especially the writing itself.

I have some chicken ready to go in here and maybe a nice walk with the dog.  I did do my full body exercise thing.  Still struggling with mid and upper back pain.  My mother was in terrible pain when she was my age right before she died — same area in her back.  She went to Mayo Clinic and they could find nothing wrong with her–so I may be wrong, but I am assuming right now that it may be hereditary.  My back will often kick up and then settle, so will give it a while.  Get some vitamin  D soon.

Happy Tuesday.

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