Carnivore Dreams – Diet update

Here it is - steak

Some of my readers read for my diet news and tips.

I’ve finally been good on my carnivore diet again for the last week or so.  I still haven’t gotten my gastritis to completely calm down (I seem to get inflammation in my transverse colon, have all my life — I can feel it across the middle of my abdomen) and it causes esophagus inflammation and the whole stomach to get off).  But it’s improving for sure.  Slowly.

I think part of the problem is that I am still taking supplements because I am trying to boost my immune system, but I think I am going to skip them for at least a week altogether.  Even the melatonin for a bit.  Though that really improves sleep, I am afraid perhaps it is keeping me from the mood lift in the mornings I usually get from carnivore.  That’s the plan.

But my skin is improving and I’ve lost about 4 pounds of the 8 plus maybe I’d gained.  I have about 4 1/2 to go to get back where I was, but when I lose weight, it doesn’t feel like fat so much as inflammation leaving my body.  And of course, as you readjust to a good diet, you can have flu symptoms as the oxalates or sugars leave your body.

Will report back soon.

The exercise and meditation are helping.  Now a good hour on my novel.

Happy Wednesday again.

One thought on “Carnivore Dreams – Diet update

  1. Interesting how you say it doesn’t feel like fat but inflammation – I feel the same way. When I clean up and begin eating well I always lose “swelling” and immediately start to feel better.

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