Carnivore Dreams – Dr. Fauci funneled millions of US dollars to Wuhan lab for Coronavirus Research


Here is a fascinating post with some research by a reputable blogger I follow:  I highly recommend taking a look.


My comments about Coach’s post:

This is all absolutely worthy of careful investigation. It always seemed to defy logic that it didn’t originate in one of those labs–at least by accident–which makes the Chinese response and secrecy in response to it understandable. I read about Fauci’s involvement–the ending of these “gain of function” experiments and the resumption of them. He has dismissed that it came from a lab out of hand — no doubt because he knows eventually this would come to light. It seems to also defy logic that a scientist or medical person would dismiss the origins of this out of hand–and the only people who do it have a political motive.  Because that certainly is not science.  Lots of good questions here. I’ve been talking about this, too, but this is comprehensive and he has some nicelinks.  Those “gain of function” things make NO sense–whatever virus/bacteria/flu pandemic that arises would have unique characteristics that would have to be addressed and messing with ONE would not give us enough information about ANOTHER one to justify the risk and what they’ve just unleashed on the world. I have a friend always touting science and believing the global warming models without question (yeah their models are so great), while I always told him it would be some measurable mess up by these scientists that did it — GMO Frankenstein, pesticides that wipe out some vital component of nature like bees, a virus or bacteria they are messing with. Science is a double-edged sword and some worship it like a God. People should watch these guys a lot closer.  Like coach, I don’t necessarily indict Fauci yet, but these are questions that need answering.

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