Carnivore Dreams – Thursday Spud Report

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It’s time this weekend to get my seed spuds out of the fridge and put them in a sunny spot.  I have a neighbor who has a good sunny porch and they will come out tomorrow.  After a week, I’ll cut them and leave them a couple more days out there and then hopefully plant them.  I think I’m a week after that before I plant any of my seedlings into the ground.  Some I plan to keep inside and some I’ll give away in a pot or two.

My only total failure has been parsley in the soil.  But my parsley in the aerogarden is going great and I don’t use as much of that as cilantro (which is going great guns and I hope does well outside — will probably leave some in here maybe).  My wild flowers and pentunias are not growing real fast so not sure yet how they are doing, but it’s early.  I will repot tomatoes tomorrow into bigger pots.  Need to transplant 14 of them, so might give a couple of those away right now — find bigger pots for them later.  I’ll also plant a pot of herbs for my neighbor.

I wasn’t able to buy rosemary online, so will miss that in the garden.  Not sure it’s coming back like the sage and oregano are out there.  Mint and chives are coming back outside.

Happy Thursday.  Another gardening post this weekend.

One thought on “Carnivore Dreams – Thursday Spud Report

  1. I have never grown potatoes – look forward to seeing how yours go. My garden is booming but frost predicted tonight – I’m hoping my tomato’s will be okay under the shelter because they are just delicious at the moment and I eat tonnes of them

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