Carnivore Dreams – Beans and Lettuce – Mother’s Day Wishes

Beans - climbing

I think I might have made a mistake buying climbing beans –didn’t know I was — and they need to go into the garden soon or they are going to get sad — and I am at LEAST ten days from being able to put them out there, maybe two weeks.  My tomatoes are also looking a bit stressed.  I repotted them in 3 inch pots already and don’t have light room to repot anything again.  Want to put the peet pots right into the ground.  I think the beans are starting to make beans!

Lettuce and herbs

Here is my lettuce and herbs.  I have cut the lettuce at least three times already.  It’s my aerogarden.  Thyme there in front and basil and parsley at the back.  I have lots more herbs getting ready to go into the garden:  more thyme, more basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and tarragon.  I wasn’t able to find rosemary seeds.  And I had lots of oregano that made it through the winter out there.

But I’m getting a bit worried about this bad weather and the state of my seedlings.  I gave them a bit of fertilizer, but think they need to spread their wings (roots).

Happy Mother’s Day.  My kids all called, sent flowers and cards, and my daughter will facetime me soon with my little grandson.  I’m lucky, though I miss them all desperately.  My daughter and her family who has been quarantined for weeks will come Mem Day–they are using curbside until then.  If our idiot governor lets her across the border.  But my son is working in a bad area downstate and it’s too risky to have him visit us. Worrisome enough for  him.

My stomach has not settled yet despite stopping the melatonin which I hope is what got my auto-immune things stirred up.  Thyroid and my tendency toward gastritis, mild Crohn’s symptoms.  But my husband made me some eggs and bacon and I enjoyed that with my coffee.  I decided on rest for a few days and a heating pad to let my system right itself and since it’s been in the high 30’s and low 40’s and even some snow, it hasn’t been tempting to get outside and do anything.  And it’s Mother’s Day.  So am thinking of a soak in the tub or maybe even the hot tub out there.  Not sure.  Those guys will have some Thai food and I’ll likely grill a steak for myself and see how that sits. I DO think I’m a bit better. Problem is you stir up something like that and it takes a while to calm down.

But deciding to be a mother was the best thing I ever did and my kids are amazing young people.  I am lucky to have them.  Though as all parents know, it can ache inside not having them around much anymore.  My son used to have all his band buddies playing in our basement and while no other parents would allow it, I miss it sometimes desperately.  My daughter’s friends were always there as well and watching them dance, play music, just thrive in life, was the best time of my life.  It’s great being a grandmother, but I’m just too far away to participate like I used to–so that’s a loss.

But have a lovely day, folks.  Are you planting seeds?  Experimenting with diet?  How are you holding up?

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