Carnivore Dreams – Calling all Civil Libertarians – an open letter to my liberal friends.

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An open letter to my liberal friends:

I’m not presuming to tell you who to vote for.  I understand you don’t like Donald Trump.  I understand he’s rolled back some environmental regulations and he’s not for late term abortion or open borders and he’s not a globalist goody-goody.  I understand you not liking his personality, though I’d defy anyone to paint him morally worse or more corrupt than Bill Clinton or Joe Biden or even Barack Obama after seeing what’s gone on here.  And I do not believe he’s a racist at all.  But I understand you don’t want to vote for him.

And that’s fine.  Don’t vote for him and don’t support him.

But the ends do NOT justify the means here and what’s gone on in this country for the last four years just cannot be tolerated.

As a Libertarian, I just have to make one attempt to present what I think is at stake here.  Donald Trump will come and go but if you allow these justice department and intelligence agency abuses to stand –with a compliant media the left now owns—this country will be doomed shortly.  Much of it is not even reported.  Donald  Trump is right when he says journalism is dead in this country.

Now I read The New York Times and Huffington Post every morning  — delivered to my inbox, and a lot of other articles here and there, so I know all sides of this. I know how it’s being spun, what’s being left out – which I can promise you happens much more often on the left and in much more significant ways.  Though I doubt highly most of you watch Fox or read any right publications at all.  And I just have to tell you that is not critical thinking.  You can’t just let your side interpret the news for you.

These guys weaponized our justice department and some of the intelligence agencies — opened investigations on American citizens with no proof whatsoever of any crime or of any Russian “meddling.”  Ridiculous “Logan Act” pretenses – they know all incoming administrations talk to foreign leaders and it has never once been used against anyone and is likely unconstitutional according to many liberal professors like George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley.   It’s trumped up nonsense – excuse the pun.  The Obama administration folks are terrified because it’s all coming home to roost now.  Hillary Clinton paid foreign actors (Christopher Steele) to collude with Russia, (and Steele himself told them he couldn’t verify it) paid for false dirt on Donald Trump and then the FBI kept that information –that it was paid for opposition research and unverified — from the FISA court to obtain warrants to spy on Carter Page and General Flynn and others.  They already had (which they shouldn’t have) surveillance tape on General Flynn for this Logan Act hogwash.  So they told him he didn’t need a lawyer and set up a perjury trap that in their own notes “truth/or get him to lie or get him fired.”   He actually lied or misremembered to Pence but apparently did not lie to the FBI.  Then they threatened his son to get him to plead guilty and they bankrupted him.  You don’t even need to read Strozk and Page’s texts to each other about “insurance policies” and promises to keep Trump out.  Some attorney (I can find his name) there forged a document about Carter Page which said he was a good intelligence person– so the meaning was the opposite –to continue getting FISA warrants and continue spying on American citizens.  This goes on and on.  Popadopolous you are going to find out was set up by these people in the first place. Comey admits to breaking all protocol and sent two agents in to spy on the incoming president of the United States instead of briefing him – all without any evidence at all.

General Flynn and Carter Page and George Popadopolous do not deserve this and anyone with any decency in them can see that.

Now in all their sworn testimony just released so far, not one of them had any evidence to predicate any of this behavior.  This makes Watergate look like child’s play.

So when they find out there is no basis for any of this, do they stop?  Schiff tells everyone daily they have evidence of collusion – for three years — when their sworn testimony is there is none.

And there was none.

All administrations start talking to heads of state before they actually take office.  And Flynn promised nothing to the Russians – they have that on tape.

Ok, so here is the difference here in these “lies.”  Bill Clinton lied to congress and was impeached.  But he actually had done something wrong!    He used his office and power to take advantage of women in his administration and maybe worse, and he lied about it. There is and never was any wrong doing of any of Trump people.  And none of them would flip on Trump because there was nothing to tell.  They got Manafort on totally unrelated business abuses.  But they went after all of them.

Obstruction of justice?  For WHAT CRIME?  What was Trump obstructing?   Saying publicly it was a “witch hunt”, which it was, is apparently their version of obstruction.   It’s all garbage.  Nixon was obstructing his CRIME.  Secretly.  And had people break into the Watergate building and bug it.

If anyone is breaking the law or abusing power, it’s the Obama administration and now we know he knew about it all. Though I’m sure only that attorney is going to jail. Barr wants to restore faith in the justice department, not have it perceived as political, when really these people should be punished.  The practices at the FBI need to be changed drastically.  This should never ever happen again.

They actually accused Trump of everything THEY were doing:  colluding with a foreign power to influence (and overturn) an election.   They paid for it.   Nobody in the Trump campaign had done a thing wrong.   And only a corrupt left media would allow that.

There are a few liberal reporters admitting the truth:  that this was all a scam.  You can find them if you care to.

Then they accuse Trump of asking a foreign power to investigate his political opponent (mind  you, Biden and his family have certainly done things in Ukraine and China worth investigating—certainly selling access or worse).  How dare Donald Trump ask for TRUE information from a foreign source (when Bidens clearly did something wrong).    Trump can’t do that, and I’m not sure how he should have handled it – it clearly needs investigation –but the Obama people had actually paid Russians for lies  and taken it to a FISA court.   None of that is verified and they knew it when they went to a FISA judge.  But on the other hand, we know Biden is guilty of a conflict of interest at the very least and government corruption.  But the left media isn’t interested in that in the slightest.

You are not seeing this being fairly reported.  Horowitz  (the inspector general for the FBI) cited all these abuses, but thought there was reason to surveil General Flynn – Barr and  Durham disagreed and there is certainly a case to be made for them disagreeing and I’m sure much more about that will come out in his report.  But nevertheless, despite seeing reason to surveil Flynn,  Horowitz hammered the FBI for all these FISA abuses and forged documents.  He stopped short of saying the motivation was politicalHe did NOT rule out a political bias and said that to congress, but your left newspaper runs headlines like:  Horowitz finds no evidence of political bias.  Please.  That is reporting?  He said it was all improper but stopped short of naming a motive.  How convenient.    But the reporting on this is shocking.

If you want to live in a free society, please pay close attention to the Durham report here and listen to more than the left news.  Or we are never again going to have freedom in this country.  The ends of getting rid of Trump do NOT justify the means – and that means letting Biden off the hook for obvious corruption in the Ukraine and China and sexual harassment at the least. Mind you, I am for due process for everyone, but that was not their position with Donald Trump or Brett Kavanaugh.  ALL women should be believed.  Now, not so much.

More ends justify the means thinking.  That is the road paved to hell.

We have a left compliant news media.  Stalin and Hitler controlled the media.  And the one thing you ought to understand here is that Trump has NOT controlled the media. Nobody has had it worse than Donald Trump with the media.  The left has controlled most of the media always but never more so than now.

And Biden’s corruption is small potatoes compared to letting Obama’s justice department get away with spying on a political opponent and with an obvious soft coup attempt.

So I ask you to read all the news and look carefully at what has transpired here.  Listen carefully to the Durham Report when it comes out.

Don’t vote for Donald Trump.  I don’t care.  But do not let the Obama administration and Clinton campaign get away with what has happened here.  This only happens in a third world country.  Donald Trump is right:  this should never happen to another American president.

Now they are once again accusing Trump of what they  have been doing for four years:  weaponizing the justice department.   And a compliant media is only too willing to support that.   Only the facts do NOT support that, folks.  Look at them.

If you don’t look at this carefully, get ready for a Brave New World.  I won’t even get into the other things that are scary about what is happening here in terms of propaganda, but I’ll just leave you with this:  the ends do NOT justify the means.  Even if you think Donald Trump is not the right person to be president.  This stinks to high heaven.

Here is another article from the New York Post:

5 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Calling all Civil Libertarians – an open letter to my liberal friends.

  1. For those triggered by the term “libertarian”, try “Voluntaryist” (it’s my preferred term). Forget either the left or the right…and come on in, the water’s just fine!

  2. Hmm, interesting. If it’s been influenced by Thoreau and Ayn Rand it’s worth looking into. Somehow I missed this philosophy. I am not sure how it would actually function, but very interesting. Sounds maybe a touch too idealistic to be practical — where some form of libertarian-ism might make more sense. No perfect system, of course.

  3. This is absolutely spot on!! They had to get General Flynn out of the way in order to get to Trump. He would have spotted the bs immediately. I love the media out there questioning why Trump is spending time on this. Why? Are you kidding me? It’s treason-that’s why! They turned the entire world of these individuals upside down because they want all the power and Trump would shit on their parade. All of this should tell the world that these people do not care about rules. The rules do not apply to them. Which should scare the hell out of everyone! This is fabulous! I’m saving this post!

  4. Thanks, Laura! I’ve gotten a lot of good response to it on Facebook. Only one of my liberal writer friends made any comments but I got lots of shares to it. One friend actually called me up and said he was so moved by the post and thought it just might persuade some of the center left folks. Not sure. I usually don’t post political things on Facebook, but this transcends party. And things are getting so worrisome that the media refuses to cover this. I just don’t think the Democrats (the people) are getting the information and/or understand what is happening. Hollywood, the intellectual university elite, the media, and the progressive politicians understand it perfectly — but the folks that follow them are not all bad people–they just aren’t getting the information. I am so afraid we are going to lose our freedom forever for the promise of safety they will never and CAN NEVER provide. It will collapse this great “experiment.” And young people are so easily swayed by this idealistic garbage. SO much at stake. If they get all vote by mail, open borders, if they keep moving progressives to Texas and Florida — so many ways they will get permanent power here. And gun control — the last measure to stop a tyrannical government. I don’t know. One of my other followers was talking about “voluntaryism.” As a Libertarian and a Thoreau/Emerson devotee (and Ayn Rand) I was surprised I didn’t remember anything about it. Interesting idea. I’m encouraged that some of us (people like you) are starting to stand up here. Keep up the good fight.

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